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8 brilliant alternatives to the wedding bouquet toss

8 brilliant alternatives to the wedding bouquet toss

Written by Katie Byrne

Don't want to throw your precious bridal blooms? Try one of these ideas instead...


#1 To avoid the actual throwing element - try cutting ribbons instead

If you are happy to give-away your bouquet but aren't so keen on the idea of throwing it, try this instead. Attach ribbons to the stems of your bouquet

Photography: Lisa Dawn

#2 Present individual stems to your female wedding guests

This is such a sweet idea: gift every lady a different stem from your bouquet. Even sweeter - attach fortune cookie-style messages to each flower so your girls each get something different. Lovely! 

#3 For something similar but a little more delicious...

Have a candy bouquet! Get the DJ to ask the ladies in the room to form a queue and give them each the option to pick a truffle-topped silk bloom. Quirky and delicious - and a great way to say hello to everyone, too.

Available to buy via Etsy.

#4 Have your florist make a smaller, seperate bouquet

If you really want to keep your bouquet after your wedding day - you might want to try out one of these ideas, for example - ask your florist to create a small 'dummy' posy that you don't mind throwing/being wrestled on to the floor/being sat on. (#JustSaying) This is a great alternative if your bouquet is decorated with brooches, photos or other decorations - otherwise you might find yourself facing a moment a little like this...


#5 Give the bouquet to someone different 

Instead of the age-old tradition of the recipient being the next person to get engaged, think outside the box. Give it to the couple who are getting married next or the couple who have been married longest, perhaps; or alternatively, hang on to it until the next day, when you can deliver it to the graveside of a loved one who you would have loved to see at your celebration. 

Image source.

#6 For a serious throwback, try pass-the-bouquet

Similar to the games of Pass The Parcel of childhood parties, this will see all the ladies in the room take a seat, with the bouquet passed around the group as the bride's favourite song plays. Whoever is holding the bouquet when the music stops gets to keep the blooms! 

#7 Finally - have a dance-off!

Calling all couples: instead of singling out your unattached friends and family and throwing flowers at them (ahem), gather all the couples in the room together and get them on the dancefloor. The couple who lasts the longest will be together the longest. Sounds legit, no? Give the winning couple your bouquet - and a stiff drink. 

Alternatively, ask your DJ/compere to take charge and find out who's been married the longest. This can be done via dance ("Can all couples who have been married less than 10 years, leave the dancefloor..."), or more simply after the cake-cutting when everyone's attention is at the front of the room.

Image source


PS Don't think you get out of it, chaps...

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