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19 brilliant wedding table plan ideas, as picked by real-life couples

19 brilliant wedding table plan ideas, as picked by real-life couples

Written by Katie Byrne

Not settled on your seating chart just yet? Get inspired by these picks from our readers...


The idea: illustrated charm  

As seen at: Felicity and John's wedding

Felicity says: "I designed all of our wedding stationery and our seating plan was a map of Islay – this was so everyone could see where their table's distillery was located!" 

Photography: Darren Edmunds and David McConaghy

The idea: 50 shades of pink

As seen at: Jo and Chris's wedding

They say: "We set our florist the challenge of creating a gorgeous floral frame for our table plan, and she did an amazing job!"

Photographer: Julia and You

The idea: add in the foliage

Also seen at: Neil and Charlotte's wedding

They say: "Guests entered the marquee for the wedding breakfast and found their seat on the table plan that was framed by white hydrangeas and lush green foliage."

Photographer: Anneli Marinovich 

The idea: vintage and vibrant

As seen at: Amy and Andrew's wedding

Amy says: "I wanted our stationery to stand out, so we opted for a vibrant orange – I loved how it clashed against the bridesmaids’ dresses."

Photography: Heather Shuker

The idea: simply scent-sational

As seen at: Hannah and Dom's wedding

A herbal table plan is a brilliant way to add some gorgeous fragrance to your venue. Lavender's always a good shout! 

Photographer: Emma Sekhon 

The idea: a subtle spray

As seen at: Jennie and Edward's wedding

Jennie says: "I love how gypsophila looks en masse: so I gave the florist the rather vague request of gypsophila ‘clouds’ on each table in the dining room, which looked fantastic. We even had a gypsophila frame around the tableplan, and used domes of gypsophila as pew ends."

Fiona Kelly Photography

The idea: rainbow-n-rustic

As seen at: Julia and Matthiau's wedding

They say: "We wanted a laid back, warm and colourful wedding with a barn feel."


Photography: Marion Huerteboust 

The idea: bottoms up

As seen at: Maria and Jon's wedding

They say: "Tables were named after types of wine!"

Photographer: Linus Moran

The idea: around the world

As seen at: Zita and James' wedding

They say: "We had a world map for our table plan based on where we had holidayed together, and named every table after a different location, each including a guidebook and some photos".

Photography: Irene Yap 

The idea: in the garden

As seen at: Hayley and Paul's wedding

Hayley and Paul picked the perfect whimsical tableplan for their enchanted garden party celebration. 

Photography: Anna Morgan 

The idea: mix-n-match frames

This couple's mis-matched frame tableplan was the perfect choice for their countryside-eclectic nuptials.

As seen at: Claire and Steve's wedding

Photography: Kerrie Mitchell 

The idea: vintage charm

As seen at: Holly and Mike's wedding

They say: "We used luggage tags for our table plan and hung them from old wooden crates."

Photographer: Cotton Candy Weddings

The idea: modern elegance

As seen at: Amy and Matthew's wedding

Similarly to Holly and Mike, Amy and Matthew used luggage tags to display their seating chart.

Photography: Ann-Kathrin Koch 

The idea: mirror image

As seen at: Vic and Ben's wedding

Glamorous and oh-so elegant, a mirror backdrop is also a great way to make your wedding venue appear bigger than it is, too!


Photography: Jo Hastings 

The idea: periodic tables 

As seen at: Kim and Ross's wedding

They say: "Going with the science theme, our seating plan was a periodic table with each one being a group of elements – our guests had to match their initials with the correct one."

Photography: Hayley Savage Photography

The idea: shabby chic

As seen at: Laura and Richard's wedding

Who knew step-ladders could be so useful? Here are some more ideas for including them in your celebration. 

Photography: Sam and Louise

The idea: elegant tags

As seen at: Sara and Shiv's wedding

Perfect for fitting in with the calligraphy-inspired twists that this couple filled their reception with, this simple-and-understated table plan was the ideal match for the relaxed outdoor celebration. 

Photography: Jose Villa 

The idea: lolly-pots 

As seen at: Nicki and Rob's wedding

They say: "We weren't too fussed by what flowers were used, we just wanted a natural feel with a subtle, wild look."

Photography: Julia & You

The idea: simple chic 

As seen at: Nadiya and Joe's wedding

They say: "We kept our style for the day simple and tasteful, with a handmade feel."

Photography: Lucy Davenport 

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