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12 ways to heat-proof your summer wedding

12 ways to heat-proof your summer wedding

Written by Katie Byrne

Saying 'I do' over the next couple of months? Chances are it will be HOT on your wedding day - so keep things cool with these tips...


#1 Provide Orders of Service that double up as fans. 

All you'll need are lollipop sticks and glue. Easy!

See more of Rebekah and Derrick's wedding here; image: Michael & Carina Photography.


#2 As well as cocktails and Pimms during the post-ceremony pre-reception hour...

...Make sure jugs of iced water are on offer, too. The heat will make your guests very thirsty - and if there's only booze available, they'll be feeling a little light-headed very quickly.

See more of Hannah and Ollie's wedding here; image: Binky Nixon Photography.

#3 Similarly: have an ice bucket of ice-pops and ice-creams on offer.

Make sure napkins are available, naturally.

#4 Outdoor seating has potential to get unbearably hot.

Especially if your venue offers metal seating - ouch! Avoid any painful moments by covering seating with soft blankets or cushions, protecting your guests from any burning-hot seating experiences. Also, ask your venue if they can offer any kind of shade or cover-up, such as over-sized umbrellas.

#5 Have a pre-wedding tour of your venue's coolest points and utilise as many shady spots as possible.

Your guests will thank you - trust us! 

See more of Nadiya and Joe's wedding here. Photography: Lucy Davenport.


#6 Talk to your venue about tips for keeping the interior cool.

If they don't have air-con available, what do they normally advise couples to do? And if they can't help, are you allowed to hire air conditioning units for the day, and who would your venue recommend?

#7 Provide baskets of summer essentials around your venue.

Think bottles of suncream, plasters for hot, blistered feet, cheap parasols and sunglasses... 

See more of Nichole and Ricky's wedding here; photography: Kristyn Hogan.

#8 Have somewhere to keep your bouquet in the 'down time'.

It's so simple: a vase filled with water will keep your bouquet looking fresh throughout the day. Have other containers for your bridesmaids' posies, too - also, ask one of your bridal party to spritz arrangements or floral decorations throughout the celebration, as well.

See more of Victoria and Ben's wedding here; photography: Jo Hastings 

#9 If you're wearing a heavily embellished wedding gown...

...You might want to consider having a second, lighter dress for your reception. Make sure you have somewhere safe to store your dress. 

#10 Talk to your photographer about the best places for your formal pictures.

As stunning as the front of your venue might look as a photo backdrop, is there any point in taking the majority of your shots there if you and your bridal party will be squinting owing to the high, bright sun?

See more of Emma and Jon's wedding here; photography: Julia and You.

#11 Don't overlook the risk of bugs.

Invest in scented candles in flavours that will (hopefully) repel insects: as well as classic citronella, also think rosemary, lemongrass, clove and peppermint oil. Not only will they keep your venue smelling heavenly, they'll also help keep those pesty bugs at bay, too!

#12 Have a bucket of cheap flip-flops available at the reception. 

Your guests can change into these if their heat-swollen feet are struggling on the dancefloor - just make sure there's an allocated area for storing all those sweaty shoes...!

See more of Chrissy and Adam's wedding here; image: Melina Wallisch Photography.

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