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14 commandments for PERFECT wedding photos

14 commandments for PERFECT wedding photos

Written by Katie Byrne

Make posing for your big-day pics a breeze with these tips...

#1 Start with the basics: hire a photographer you actually like

This is important. You're essentially bearing your soul to your photographer on your wedding day - and as the person in charge of capturing memories of the biggest day of your life, you're going to want to feel comfortable in front of them. This is why an engagement photoshoot can be a great test to see how well you gel.

See more Annie and James' wedding day here; image: Blue Sky Photography.


#2 Practice smiling with your eyes beforehand

It's known as 'smizing' (a phrase coined by Tyra Banks)! The tell-tale of a forced smile? When it doesn't quite reach the eyes. Be conscious of this when you're posing for your pics and practice in the mirror at home beforehands.

#3 Have a list of shots/ideas you'd like to see captured on film

Have a browse in our Real Weddings section and on Pinterest and make a list of any unusual shots you'd like your photographer to capture. Naturally, they'll cover all the basics - but if there's something a little different you'd like to have immortalised on camera, now's your chance. 

#4 Have someone on photobomb duty

Essential for avoiding shots like this...

Image source.

Or this...

Image source.

#5 Make sure any outdoor areas are squint-proof

There's no point in taking all of your group shots in front of the beautiful ivy wall outside your venue - only for everyone to be squinting in the photos owing to the excessively bright sunlight in front of them. 

#6 Also: check your photo area is accident-proof

Otherwise, you could end up in a situation a little like this...

Image: YouTube


#7 Steer clear of - er - whacky props

It might feel like a good idea at the time - but, er, no. 

#8 On a similar note: remember that 'quirky' pics will date very quickly

And we're not so sure your grandchildren will be all that impressed.

#9 Have a drink on-hand...

...Because you're going to need some serious refreshing during your photo session. If you're prone to up-and-down blood sugar, a snack could be wise too - after all, you don't want to look exhausted in your pics.

#10 Kissing shot? Make it last

There's no point in a quick peck on the lips - it will be over before the photographer has even had a chance! A lingering kiss will photograph a lot better. 

See more of Laura and Rich's wedding here; 

#11 Relax!

Don't stress yourself out about your wedding photos - you want to look as natural, radiant and happy as you're feeling, after all! 

#12 Know which is your 'best side'

If you have a preferred pose - whether it's facing to the left, or a hand on your hip - make the most of it. Don't use it in every shot, obviously but equally, don't be afraid to unleash your flawless #bluesteel pout for one pic or two. 

#13 Practice posing with your partner beforehand

Especially if one of you isn't the most comfortable in front of the camera! 

See more of Hannah and Ollie's wedding here; image: Binky Nixon Photography.



#14 Finally - make sure no one stands on your dress

Sounds basic but this is an essential for the group shots if you're wearing a wedding gown with a train. The last thing you want is muddy footprints on your gorgeous frock! 

See more of Beatrice and Carl's wedding here; photography: Rensché Mari.

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