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3 brilliant reasons you might just need a PARASOL on your wedding day

3 brilliant reasons you might just need a PARASOL on your wedding day

Written by Katie Byrne

From gorgeous photo props to protecting you from heat stroke - here's why you might just want to buy a pretty parasol for your big day


Barely a bride in the land has gone through her wedding planning without giving thought to the weather on her big day - and whether or not the famous British weather will result in a wash-out celebration.

This understandable fear means most brides decide to order photogenic bridal umbrellas for the wedding party and guests on their big day - but wedding umbrella specialists JollyBrolly have been in touch with us to point out how it’s not just rain brides should be afraid of.

While everyone dreams of glorious sunshine on their wedding day it can bring its own problems – which is why we’ve picked out three reasons to order parasols ahead of your nuptials.

Avoid awkward tan lines and sun burn

One of the most important things when organizing your wedding day is finding the right photographer and for good reason – the pictures they take will allow you to remember your big day when you and your partner are growing old together. And if there's one thing that might just ruin those photos, it's sunburn!

Of course, you can apply sun cream - although that can be a fuss for a bride who’s had her make-up done and doesn't want to risk getting factor 30 on her wedding dress. Using a parasol is a great way to keep the sun off your skin when it’s getting too hot and can look fantastically elegant, too.

By avoiding sunburn, you’ll also avoid getting unwanted tan lines. As an example: I recently went to a wedding at a stately home in North Devon. It was in a marquee on the front lawn and there were arrival drinks in the beautiful Italianate gardens. With the sun shining down this seemed like the perfect wedding, but alas, the sun did cause problems. The bridesmaids were wearing multi-way dresses and all had them tied differently. When they decided to change the way they were tied later in the evening, there were clear red and white lines where their dresses had been tied before, which really detracted from their lovely dresses and prettily-plaited hair.

Reduce the risk of heat stroke

While getting sun burnt or having visible tan lines would cause distress for many brides, getting heat stroke would be even worse. Imagine missing your evening reception because you’d fainted, having spent too much time in the sun? Or feeling unwell at your wedding breakfast and being unable to circulate amongst your guests? If the sun is particularly strong and your arrival drinks are served outdoors, you could even end up stricken before greeting your guests in the line-up.

If this seems far-fetched, it’s worth remembering that you are more vulnerable to heat stroke when you’re tired or stressed, and that’s a state many brides find themselves in on their wedding day. After months of organizing the perfect celebration, there’s often a build-up of stress, which can manifest itself in multiple ways.

By using a parasol to deflect the sun’s rays, you can eliminate one risk of your stress having a negative impact on your big day.

Parasols make gorgeous props for your photos

Our final reason is nowhere near as serious as the previous two but for many brides it’s more important!

We've already mentioned how important wedding pictures are, and a parasol is a great way of adding an extra element of style to your precious photos. Of course, it won’t fit in with all wedding plans, but there are an awful lot of themes which do match-up nicely with a parasol.

Beach theme? Why not have a parasol which looks like a beach umbrella. Opting for a Pride and Prejudice style classic wedding? Who can forget Elizabeth Bennett stood by the lake holding her parasol as Mr Darcy strode out of the water. There are plenty more themes that fit well with the idea of having a parasol too, whether it’s black and white or 1950s style.

In conclusion: a parasol is definitely something worth considering for your big day. Visit to find the perfect design for your day!

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