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Grooms! Have you considered laser hair removal before your wedding day?

Grooms! Have you considered laser hair removal before your wedding day?

Written by Katie Byrne

If so, make sure you read this first...


Listen up, ladies: has your groom considered laser hair removal for the big day?

Of course the bride will want to look her best when it comes to the big day. There’s loads and loads of advice out there to help them out with that. But what about the groom? His appearance should be just as important as that of his bride, don't you think?

Laser hair removal surgery is commonly known to be the most effective way for long term removal of the hair on any part of the body and it is also the most popular. If you’re considering doing this for your wedding, I’ll be going over how the process works and other general male grooming tips you need to know.

The process

It’s not weird or uncommon to go through this procedure. Research shows that it is one of the most popular procedures to take place throughout the US alone.

How it works, is that a laser it penetrated directly into the root of the hair in order to kill it off. Though it is true that this is long term, it doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility of hair growing back. There’s something called the follicle, which is the part of where the root of the hair starts. The laser does not remove/kill this part of the root, therefore hair can still grow, but it is very difficult for it to do. This makes this method a great long lasting option.

How long does it take?

One of the first and most common questions when it comes to laser hair removal, is how long does the entire process takes too complete? Time taken can vary from your skin and hair type. On average, people must under-go at least six to eight sessions of surgery in order to notice the best result.

It takes around two weeks for the hair to shred, and then there’s also a re-growth faze which lasts around a month. So all in all, it usually takes a couple of months. So it’s wise to plan this out a good while before the wedding date.


Does it hurt?

It is said that most people can easily tolerate the minor pain that comes with this surgery. For a better idea on what kind of sensation you may experience, it is said to feel like a rubber band being snapped against your wrist. So it doesn’t sound too bad, right? Though you should keep in mind that others are more sensitive when it comes to dealing with pain.

What precautions should you take beforehand?

Believe it or not, there are some things you simply cannot do prior to your surgery. You’re unable to:

- Bleach or use any sort of depilatory creams

- You can’t wax or pluck any of your hairs

- You can’t use any sun beds at all and nor can you be exposed to the sun for too long

- You’re unable to do any of these for 4-6 weeks prior to the surgery. If you’re planning to go outside whilst the suns out, you need to use SPF15 sunscreen or anything stronger.

If you do any of these things close to surgery, your skin may appear lighter or darker than it was. Your skin can also appear bumpy and slightly red. It should also be mentioned that if you have a sun tan, you won’t be able to get laser hair removal until that tan has completely faded.

The price

The reality is this: laser hair removal surgery can cost quite a lot. The price varies from location and depends on how much hair you want to have removed. The average cost of removing eyebrow hair is £50; the average cost of removing hair on your entire face is £180. If you want hair removed all over your body, it’s prone to burning a hole in your pockets.

Yes: it is a great way to remove hair and yes, it is long-term. But ask yourself - is it completely necessary? It can take a long time and as detailed above, there are certain things you can't do. Make sure you’re completely sure you want to go through with it before going ahead; don’t forget that there are alternatives to temporarily masking your hair such as just shaving or using some products such as creams.

Do your research and make sure you fully understand what you’ll be going through!

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