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15 pieces of TERRIBLE wedding planning advice

15 pieces of TERRIBLE wedding planning advice

Written by Katie Byrne

And how (and why!) you should avoid them...


#1 "Of course you have to wear white."

Nope; there's a reason why so many designers are adding in coloured gowns to their bridal collections! From delicate hints of ombré pink to all-out block colours, there are so many alternatives to the traditional white bridal gown out there that if white isn't your bag, you don't have to worry.

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#2 "If you don't invite everyone on this list *brandishes 3-ft piece of paper* people's feelings will be hurt."

The thing to bear in mind here: it's your wedding day. If you don't want to invite an old neighbour from your childhood home or that distant cousin who you wouldn't recognise in the street, you really don't have to. If your wedding is a pay-per-head affair, chances are you'll want to keep things limited to people who you actually know. 

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#3 "You only get married once, so you might as well go BIG. There's this really great loan company I've heard about..."

Whilst splashing out on those #YOLO wedding ideas - 6-ft vodka luge of you and bae, anyone? - might be a good idea when you're still at the Pin-ning stage, the reality is rather different. In our era of 'likes' and filters and endless comparisons, it's all too easy to feel that your DIY flower wall doesn't quite measure up to KimYe's floral extravaganza. And you know what? Who cares! 

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#4 "...All I'm saying is that if I had a bridesmaid who wasn't able to make all my dress-fittings, I'd be annoyed."

Whilst your wedding plans are the centre of your world, that doesn't mean the obsession with fittings and tastings and craft sessions quite extends to your nearest and dearest. As thrilled as they are to be included, and as excited as they are to be such an integral part of your celebration - don't forget they still have their own lives to lead, too! 

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#5 "Why would you waste money on a hair-stylist or make-up artist? You do it yourself every single day!"

Whilst, yes, you do apply your own make-up and brush your own hair every day - your wedding day is a little different, wouldn't you say? If there's one day you can justify hiring someone to brush your hair and give you that perfect cat-flick, it's today.

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#6 "You know, you could probably find that wedding dress for a fraction of the price on eBay."

Sure - for a fraction of the price, and a fraction of the quality. Whilst that sparkle-studded bodice and key-hole back looks gorgeous in the pic - and only £33! - the reality is more than likely going to be a shrivelled-up disappointment. 

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#7 "OMG - you can save so much money by diy-ing all the decor."

Great idea! Well, if you're DIY-savvy and have the time/effort/energy required to hand-make various elements of your nuptials. If you don't tick all three, leave it. Chances are you'll end up spending more on buying bits to craft with than you would on buying the finished product in-store; plus, the stress of trying to hand-stitch 180 favours for your guests, plus 120m of bunting, might start to grind you down...

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#8 "Who cares what he says? You're the bride!"

Shrewd observation - you are indeed the bride. But don't forget - your partner is the groom, and just as equal a part of the wedding plans as you are.

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#9 "You definitely need to start hitting the gym before you get married. Um - no offence."

If it's a personal decision, great. But don't feel you have to suddenly start a hardcore weight-loss plan just because you're getting married - and don't listen to anyone who suggest otherwise! 

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#10 "Uncle Jerry said he's more than capable of taking your wedding photos. Don't you trust him?"

Naturally, you appreciate Uncle Jerry's generous offer but the reality is, you've read the horror stories. You've heard about the couples who scrimped and enlisted the services of a non-professional to be a part of their wedding plans - and whilst sure, you might be pleasantly surprised by Uncle J's light-hidden-under-a-bushell talent, chances are it will probably end rather differently (as recorded for posterity with those out-of-focus blurry wedding photos...). 

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#11 "Let people sit where they want!"

Just awkward. Whilst the 'pick a seat not a side' signs are fine for the ceremony, when it comes to the wedding breakfast, you'll want a little more organisation. Otherwise, there'll be a 'mare when it comes to meals being delivered to the tables - and on a more basic level, people won't mingle. 

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#12 "You're not going to drink on your wedding morning, are you? You'll be tripping up the aisle!"

Sure - we're not saying necking shots of tequila on your way to the ceremony is the right thing to do - but a glass of champagne (or a swig of whisky) to settle your nerves has the potential to work wonders. Make sure you've eaten: a lined stomach will save you from swaying when you're exchanging vows.

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#13 "Ew - it's so tacky to ask people for money rather than gifts."

Not necessarily. Phrase it politely and concisely (and set up a gift-list for guests who'd sooner purchase a tangible present) and you'll most likely be pleasantly surprised! 

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#14 "You're not inviting plus-ones you've never met before? Wow - mean."

No, not mean at all! As mentioned in point #2 above, your guest-list has a limited amount of space, and whilst you'd love to keep people happy and invite everyone, it's just not feasible. Adopt a clear policy and stick to it to avoid confusion from guests. 

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#15 "It's 2016! Your guests won't expect thank-you notes."

Nope - and in fact, with technology always at our finger tips, you have literally no excuse! Your guests will have spent time, effort and money on attending your celebration, so the least you can do is acknowledge the role they played in the day. Click here for some sweet ideas for saying 'thanks' to your guests in style. 

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