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The top 50 regrets Brits have on holiday

The top 50 regrets Brits have on holiday

Written by Katie Byrne

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A new study has uncovered the top 50 regrets Brits have when it comes to going on holiday - and most of them can be applied to honeymoons, too.

A study of 2,000 adults - conducted by animal charity SPANA - found that over a third of us have felt regret or disappointment following a holiday.

Jeremy Hulme, Chief Executive of the charity, commented: "It's no secret that Brits love their summer holidays abroad, but it seems that all too often holidaymakers return home wishing they’d done things differently. Whether it's engaging in embarrassing behaviour after letting their hair down, or not being adventurous enough in experiencing local food and culture, it’s clear that British tourists have a long list of holiday regrets.

Many of them can be applied to a honeymoon (it's probably a given that you'll swerve 25 and 26...) - read through the list in full below! 

1. Letting others dictate how you spent your holiday, rather than doing what you wanted

2. Choosing a destination that was too 'touristy'

3. Choosing a destination where there was literally nothing to do

4. Falling out with the people you went on holiday with

5. Deciding not to purchase a souvenir and then wishing you had

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6. Choosing a destination that was too 'British'

7. Forgetting to wear sun cream / sunbathing all day and getting badly burnt

8. Drinking local alcohol to excess

9. Drinking too much on a night out and behaving badly

10. Getting food poisoning

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11. Not bringing plug adapters

12. Choosing not to leave the resort, and failing to 'sight see'

13. Not making any effort to learn language basics

14. Going on holiday with the wrong people (in-laws, annoying friends)

15. Failing to try local foods when given the opportunity

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16. Getting ripped off (e.g. not knowing the exchange rate or currency value)

17. Falling into a deep sleep on the sunbed and getting sunburnt

18. Being too scared to experiment with different sports and activities

19. Going out on the last night before a really early flight home

20. Not taking more sun lotion / mosquito repellent and paying more for it abroad

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21. Walking through unsafe, unlit areas at night

22. Not telling your bank you're going abroad

23. Not 'switching off' from work

24. Forgetting your phone charger

25. Embarking on a holiday romance

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26. Deciding not to embark on a holiday romance

27. Not saving space for holiday purchases

28. Not paying for priority boarding

29. Talking about work on holiday, instead of enjoying the holiday

30. Being overly trusting when approached by people

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31. Trusting a local and ending up lost

32. Not arriving early enough to reserve your sun bed with a beach towel

33. Not querying your hotel room on booking - so you end up with a bad view

34. Forgetting your ear plugs

35. Not knowing local dangers (e.g. avoiding tap water, salads etc)

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36. Deciding to get a really early flight home

37. Leaving your passport in the room

38. Sleeping with a stranger

39. Booking the cheapest hotel - and being stuck in the middle of nowhere (no research on locations, facilities etc)

40. Working on holiday instead of relaxing

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41. Being hospitalised / sustaining injuries

42. Not paying extra to take more luggage

43. Not researching the hotel, and its other residents, well enough

44. Not knowing what to do in an emergency (e.g. 999 equivalent)

45. Getting into unsafe taxis

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46. Travelling without insurance

47. Taking all your currency out with you

48. Not knowing local customs (e.g. appropriate dress)

49. Riding mopeds without helmets

50. Sleeping on the beach

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