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11 ways to make your wedding more enjoyable for your grandparents

11 ways to make your wedding more enjoyable for your grandparents

Written by Katie Byrne

Help older guests enjoy your celebration in style with these tips and pointers...


#1 Before you book your wedding venue, check what access is like

For example: if the celebration is taking place on an upper floor of the venue, is there a lift available? And don't forget to overlook the ceremony venue, if you're planning to say 'I do' at a different location - will it be comfortable and easily accessible for your grandparents?

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#2 Give them the chance to play a role in the celebration

For example, this real-life bride asked her grandmother, Betty, to be one of her bridesmaids, with bride Christine explaining: "She asked me about 10 times, "Are you sure?" and "Why would you want an old lady in your bridal party?" A few times she even said "All your bridesmaids are young and pretty, why would you want me?" Obviously Nana is beautiful too. Just look at those photos!"

Image: Sweetwater Photography

#3 Make sure speech-makers use a microphone

This will maximise those who are hard of hearing's chances of being able to hear every word! 

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#4 Don't overlook weather conditions

If there's been rain, make sure your ushers are on-hand to help older relatives navigate slippery pavements or squelching mud. If it's a cooler autumn/winter wedding, make sure there's heating available - and similarly, if it's a balmy spring/summer celebration, make sure you can keep (all!) your guests cool and comfortable.


#5 Make sure there are plenty of comfortable seating options

Especially for that 'inbetween' time, when everyone's milling around, waiting for the wedding breakfast to begin. We're not saying they'll necessarily want or need to sit - but it's nice to be able to have the option. Check with your venue in terms of what they can offer; otherwise, look to a cheap props company for a few cheap sofas and decorate with cushions from home or charity shops.

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#6 Be considerate with your seating plan

Consider where your grandparents would feel most comfortable and if you're not entirely sure, give them the privilege of choosing where they'd like to sit. If seating them with people they've never met before, be logical: your hearing aid-wearing grandfather will probably not have the best time sitting next to your quietly-spoken friend from the office! 

#7 Don't forget to give your grandparents buttonholes or corsages

It's a no-fuss way to make them feel a part of your bridal party! On the subject of flowers: we adore this pretty idea, too...


Image source.


#8 Check that your wedding breakfast seating is comfortable

Hard chairs do not a happy sitter make - perhaps grab those cushions from point #4 and bring them inside, giving guests the option to use them if they wish to.


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#9 Pick music they love for your playlist

We're not saying every song, obviously - but a few throwbacks won't go amiss. That said, make sure there's also somewhere comfortable for your older guests to sit where they can get away from the music, too.  

#10 Use old photographs to decorate your wedding reception

For example: photos of you and your grandparents together from across the years. For a gorgeous finishing touch - and a sweet nod towards that 'something old' tradition - also use photos from their wedding days. In fact, you could even try out this cake-topper idea with one of their wedding pictures!

#11 Make sure suitable food and drink is available

Whilst younger guests might be set on a diet of Jägerbombs and battered prawns, they're not to everyone's tastes. Make sure there's a tea and coffee stand and cosy, easy-to-eat nibbles on offer, too.

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