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6 winter beauty tips every seasonal bride needs to take on board

6 winter beauty tips every seasonal bride needs to take on board

Written by Katie Byrne

It might be cold outside - but you'll be hotter than ever before with these no-fuss pearls of wisdom


Planning your pre-wedding beauty routine and bridal make-up can be difficult enough, but have you thought about the extra considerations that accompany winter nuptials? Bridal hair and beauty specialist, and founder of online bridal consultancy, Anna Sorbie explains how to tailor your beauty preparation and bridal make-up to a winter wedding.

Prep from the inside

Consider your health in the run-up to your wedding. The stress associated with planning a wedding can wreak havoc on your digestive and immune system, which can in turn leave you looking and feeling out of balance.

In winter, when we are tempted to eat richer, more sugary foods and there are more germs in the air, this can really play havoc with a bride’s health and looks.

Six months before your wedding, start using a really good quality nutritional supplement and probiotics. These will help to maintain your immune system and aid your body with meeting its nutritional needs, which in turn will have a positive effect on your skin, hair and nails.

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Exfoliate and oil before the big day

In the few months running up to the wedding, get in to the habit of using an exfoliating product on your skin. A gentle daily exfoliating scrub, or a product containing glycolic acid will help to keep skin rejuvenated, and will prevent the build-up of dry skin that can occur during the winter months. Boost the effects by using a skin oil or serum, specific to your skin type, daily.

Look for a product containing Hyaluronic Acid, to really help skin to retain moisture, and layer your chosen oil or serum under your usual face cream or night cream. However, crucially, I’d avoid using an exfoliator in the last few days running up to the wedding, to avoid any unwanted side effects, such as skin reddening.

I’d also avoid using any facial oil or serum on the big day itself: instead sticking to a light, fast-absorbing moisturiser, so skin has staying power.

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Don’t shy away from fake tan

Tanning isn't just for the summer months: the flattering, lightly bronzed glow of a fake tan is popular all year round and even if you’ve never considered it before, using a fake tan, or indulging in a spray tan, for your wedding day can really make you look and feel more beautiful on your big day.

There is absolutely no reason to be afraid of fake tan; these days formulas are so advanced that streaking and orange skin needn’t be a concern.It’s crucial however that you get the right shade to make the tan believable and natural. A good beautician, with experience in spray tanning, will be able to match the right colour, brand and formula to your skintone.

For winter months, an off-white tan is usually just enough colour: one or two fine layers of spray-tan on the skin, washing the colour off after six hours rather than the recommended eight-12 hours, will help to achieve this. Exfoliating the skin, as well as hair removal, is a pre-tanning essential: I’d recommend doing both 24 hours before tanning. Have your spray tan a couple of days before the wedding day.

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Don’t skip the powder

Don’t fall in to the trap of assuming you can get away with not wearing powder just because it’s winter and you won’t be as warm. Your skin is still prone to becoming shiny in colder months, so set concealer and foundation with sheer, loose powder, to make sure make-up is locked in and skin is shine-free.

My top tip would be to only powder the T-zone, down the nose, on the chin and across the forehead. Keeping the cheekbones free of powder makes them appear fresher, slightly dewy and means they catch the light with a flattering glow.

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Double-up on blusher

Winter-white skin can look beautiful and ethereal, but even if you are choosing a pale complexion over a lightly tanned one, you will still need blusher, so that you don’t appear washed-out, particularly in photos – remember the camera flash can have a seriously unflattering and draining effect on skin.

Layer two shades of blusher, one in a neutral shade and one in a brighter colour. The result? Colour that ‘pops’ and a longer-lasting flush. This is a look that works great on skin that has been lightly fake-tanned too, as even tanned skin can appear washed-out in photos.

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Go daring with your lips

A red lip is a beautiful look, particularly for winter weddings. It is daring, however, so only go for this look if you have worn a red lip before, otherwise you risk feeling unconfident which will really show.

Go for a blue-red or orange-red shade, depending on your skin tone, as these tend to be the strongest reds, which stand out the most and look stunning both on the day and in photos. Alternatively, opt for one of the key beauty trends of A/W16: lips painted the colour of fruits of the forest.

Make sure you trial all variations of lip products, not just different colours; you might find that a sheerer wash of coloured gloss or a subtle berry lip stain works better on you than a solid matte lipstick, for example. A very fine lip brush is an essential tool for creating long-lasting and defined red wedding lips.

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