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12 important details every couple should remember when planning their wedding

12 important details every couple should remember when planning their wedding

Written by Katie Byrne

Preparing to say 'I do'? Keep on top of things by bearing in mind these key factors...


#1 Notify your bank

Withdrawing cash for deposits, moving around funds between different accounts and making high-ticket purchases (hello, wedding dress) can all look a little suspicious if done in short periods of time with no explanation. To avoid your account being frozen, notify your nearest branch ASAP.

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#2 And again...

When it comes to your honeymoon. If you're planning to pay on card overseas, let your bank know - they might think your card has been stolen if large quantities of cash are coming out from a different country.

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#3 Don't forget gifts for your wedding party

You'll be so busy buying the various details and decorations for your reception that it can be easy to over-look thank-you gifts for your parents, bridesmaids, ushers and so on. Get organised and don't leave it to the last minute - if you can, try and get this ticked off a few weeks after you've confirmed who will be in your wed-gang!

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#4 Do you need signs for your reception?

If you're tying the knot at a sprawling venue (lucky thing!) with a stunning outdoors area, you might want to create or buy some no-fuss signage to direct your guests around your celebration. 

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#5 Make sure food intolerances are catered for

Make sure it's clear on your invites that guests should notify you of any allergies or intoleranaces (gluten, dairy, etc), and talk to your caterers to make sure there's a vegan option available on your menu. 

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#6 Don't overlook the power of first impressions!

If you can, create a wow-factor entrance to your venue, that sets the scene for your celebration from the moment your guests arrive. Similarly, don't forget about the finer details of your reception: how you want to adorn the tables, any furniture you might need to hire, lighting ideas and so on.

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#7 Will you need to arrange transport from venue A to venue B?

If you're saying your vows in a church or registry office and then heading to a different location for the reception, be sure to consider how your guests will get there, and whether or not you need to book buses or tacis to accommodate those who don't drive.

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#8 Keep your wed-site updated until the very last minute

There's no point in setting it up and then leaving it - instead, update it religiously to keep your guests firmly in the know throughout your wedding plans.

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#9  Have you bought pens for your guestbook?

No, really - you'd be surprised how painfully easy this is to overlook. If you want to avoid scratchy Biros borrowed from the bar staff, make sure you buy a nice pen or two to keep by the book.

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#10 Allocate jobs to your bridal party for 'on the day'

Such as: who's going to hand out programmes? Who's going to rescue the top tier of your wedding cake? Who's going to whisk your granny on to the dancefloor first? And so on. 

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#11 Book last-minute beauty/hair appointments in advance

Don't miss out on getting your favourite hairdresser to give your roots a touch-up because you didn't book in time: rather, be super-organised and book it as soon as you have your wedding date.

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#12 Practice, practice, practice!

Have a run-through of any elements of your day that might need a little practice (it makes perfect, after all!). For example: break-in your wedding shoes, try sitting down in your wedding dress, get your under-arm prepped and throw a fake bouquet, try gliding down your hallway in a bid to simulate the aisle and so on. 

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