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17 hen party games and activities every bride-to-be will LOVE

17 hen party games and activities every bride-to-be will LOVE

Written by Katie Byrne

In charge of planning a hen do or bridal shower? Add some of these games and activities into the mix for some serious extra-fun...


#1 First of all: DIY a cute photobooth backdrop or Polaroid-style frame for lots (and lots!) of photos to be taken in front of.

Techy bride? Give people a hashtag for when they share their pictures!

Image source.

#2 Plan a treasure hunt.

And obviously, what should you hide? Cheap faux engagement rings, that's what.

Image source.

#3 Equally, set a word challenge.

No-fuss, mildly geeky fun.

Image source.



#4 Bride planning to wear a flower crown on her w-day?


Set up a flower crown station. Think of the Instagram opportunities. Think of the Instagram opportunities...!


Image source.



#5 Blind wine-tasting!

Yes, it's as fun and fabulous as it sounds.

Image source.

#6 Truth or Dare will never grow old.

As well as being oh-so fun, it's also a great ice-breaker, too!

Personalised 'truth or dare' game, £9.95,

#7 Um - we love this idea.

Theme the advice - for example: Date Night Ideas and How To Deal With An Argument.

Image source; image source.


...Also! Why not ask guests to share their words of wisdom, advice and love-n-luck for the bride to read the night before her wedding? 

Image source; image source.



#8 That timeless bridal shower classic: the toilet paper wedding dress

Yes, it's as degrading and hilarious as it sounds. 

Image source.

#9 Similarly - arm the hens with boxes of props (think second-hand feather boas, tea towels, strings of plastic beads and so on) and ask them to create their own 'take' of bridal fashion.

It's very fashion, darling - and naturally everyone will need to take part in a prosecco-fuelled catwalk showing of their creations, too. 

#10 How old was the bride?

This cute photo game is perfect for getting the other hens chatting... And will probably reawaken some amusing memories, too! 

Image source.



#11 This 'dare' spinner is perfect for a club-based night out...


..Otherwise getting a 'piggyback ride from a guy' might be a bit awkward.


Available to buy here from £1.40. 



#12 Matching tattoos are a great ice-breaker.


Plus, they are some seriously cool options out there.


12-piece tattoo set, £17; available to buy from Etsy.



#13 Pass the bouquet

Kind of like pass the parcel - but with flowers! The person holding the bouquet when the music stops is eliminated until there is one hen left. she gets a prize (for no-fuss, use a candy bouquet that she can enjoy afterwards).

Candy bouquet, available to buy here.



#14 Bridal bingo

Arm each member of the hen party with a sheet detailing what needs to be spotted: for example, the Mother of the Bride crying, the bride taking a selfie with a faux veil, and so on. The winner is the first member of the bridal party to take off all the items on her sheet (with photographic proof, if required!).

Bridal bingo game, £8.50,



#15 Get quiz-ical


Quizzes make great ice-breakers, as well as giving all members of the hen party a chance to get involved. 


Image source.



#16 If you're a crafty-n-creative kinda Maid of Honour, you might be tempted to make the bride a hen party scrapbook.

A lasting souvenir - the bride-to-be will adore it! 

Available to buy for £10, Paperchase.

#17 And finally: we also love this poster idea...

...Which can be framed and turned into a piece of art for the bride to heart long after the hen is over!

Hen Do Party Poster, £9.50,


So now that you've got inspired, it's time to book the celebration! Click here for some brilliant ideas for the best-ever hen party.

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