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13 alternative wedding gift ideas for the couple who likes to break the rules

13 alternative wedding gift ideas for the couple who likes to break the rules

Written by Katie Byrne

Looking for something a little more edgy for your wedding gift-list picks? Prezola has the perfect options for you - and here are some of our must-haves!


#1 Alessi Time Maze Wall Clock £125

This incredible clock will make you - and visitors - do a serious double-take. Part time-piece, part sculpture, it would make a striking addition to a blank bit of wall in your home, don't you think? More info here.

#2 Georg Jensen Ibis Vase, £275

This sleek, chic silver creaton from Georg Jensen is more work of art than standard-flower-holder: in fact, even if you don't fill it with a few statement blooms, it will still look like some kind of oh-so-arty 'concept' piece that will make guests impressed by your simplistic-yet-sophisticated approach to decoration. Well - maybe. Make it a talking point in your living room or kitchen by giving it a pride-of-place position. Info here.

#3 Culinary Concepts Large 4 Arm Vienna Candelabra, £89.95

If there's one thing your life almost certainly doesn't feature enough of, it's candelabras. With Beauty And The Beast hitting cinemas next year, there's never been a better time to get involved with this gloriously heritage lighting trend - though we can't promise that this Culinary Concepts design will sing to you Lumiere-style. More info here.

#4 Joseph Joseph BarWise Cap-collecting Bottle Opener, £12

This neat little gadget collects bottle caps as they fly off - meaning no more 'ow!' moments when you inadvertently stand on your dear husband's discarded bottle lid. Your feet will thank you - plus, it has the added bonus of looking effortlessly mysterious and sleek in your kitchen. More info here.

#5 Crosley Revolution Turntable, £69.99

There's just something about listening to records rather than streaming music, playing CDs or tuning into radios. Curate your very own marriage soundtrack and play it on this brilliantly understated turntable. More info here.

#6 Cozy Living Warthog Bumpa Pouf, £70

Always imagined yourself heading to Africa for an incredible once-in-a-lifetime safari experience? Well, now that the wedding's (nearly) out of the way, you can start saving for it - and in the meantime, make do with this monochrome reminder for your living room. Hakuna matata! More info here.

#7 Nordic House Luxurious Sheepskin Seat Cover, £45

Add some winter cheer to chic but sadly-unpadded chairs with these oh-so cosy sheepskin covers (available in a range of colours). Only slight issue: you won't want to stand up, ever, and might become known as the person who brings their sheepskin seat cover with them everywhere. More info here.

#8 Not Another Bill Spartan Foot Hamper, £110

The legendary Spartan warriors were all famed for their bravery and strength, inspiring endless recreations and renderings in paint, clay and stone across the centuries. Whilst a statue of a whole Spartan might look a little, um, odd in your hallway, a foot is a tad easier to display, and will look rather cool displayed on a shelf or sideboard. Details here.

#9 How It Works: The Husband, and How It Works: The Wife, £6.99 each

Yes, these books are everywhere at the moment. But sometimes it's okay to embrace a trend, you know? Consider your first challenge of married life to be reading these without cracking, at the very least, a small smile - you'll almost certainly fail as they are categorically hilarious.

#10 Jonathan Adler Menagerie Fox Ornament, £138

No further explanation required: you just need this foxy addition to your home ASAP, okay? More info here.

#11 Alessi Furzo Stag Sculpture Bowl, £299

Finally! An ornament that will work for its supper! This adorable stag bowl is perfect for holding sweets, keys, pot pourri... And he'll look super dapper whilst doing it at the same time. More info here.


#12 Root7 Himalayan Salt Shots, £25 (for four)

Love Tequila? Then you'll adore these shot glasses, which are naturally a bit salty owing to their Himalayan rock origins. Now, where are the lemons? More info here.

#13 Alice Peto Flamingo Oval Ovenware 34cm, £38

Watched Great British Bake-Off and inspired by the Tudor week? Whilst legendary monarch Henry VIII had pies that, once cut, freed dozens of tiny birds into the dining room, we've got a similar but far more hygenic alternative: whip up your favourite casserole/pie/stew/etc in this divine pink dish and then wow all present by revealing this feather-free flamingo in the base of the dish. We know. More info here.

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