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Wedding guests reveal the worst behaviour they've seen at a celebration

Wedding guests reveal the worst behaviour they've seen at a celebration

Written by Katie Byrne

Shared on Reddit, these stories make for some pretty cringe-worthy reading...


Yesterday saw a fascinating new conversation begin on Reddit, when user judentude asked users of the forum site: "What is the worst behaviour you have seen at a wedding or a funeral?"

The question has led to endlessly toe-curling stories - and we've picked out some of our favourite (ie the very worst) wedding anecdotes below...

"My aunt was getting married, and me and my cousin were selected to carry the rings, one on each pillow. Well I don't remember any of this, but there's an old tape of it happening. Me and my cousin are walking down the aisle with the rings, and all of a sudden we both stop. We look at each other, I looks at my pillow, back to him, and then hit him in the head with the pillow. He jumped up and started hitting me, and we had a pillow fight in the middle of a church during my aunt's wedding." -GWM-

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"Wedding: My own. Alcoholic aunt showed up drunk and proceeded to yell out random things (such as "Don't do it!!") or make "Wooo!!!" noises throughout my ENTIRE ceremony. My wedding video is actually ruined because they couldn't edit her out since it would have cut out the officiant's voices as well as mine and my husband's because she literally could not keep quiet for more than 5 minutes and no one had the sense to remove her. She ended up passing out on a chair during cocktail hour, called me my other's cousin's name and ripped my veil from my head cause she was so drunk and almost fell. Then she had to literally be carried out, unconscious." jwagg82

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"At my brother's wedding, the ring-bearer marched down the aisle, transferred the pillow into one hand, and then for no reason other than his eyes being at that level and having noticed it, began to repeatedly punch the best man in the crotch." ninjatheclick

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"Sister of the groom and her boyfriend got into a physical fight on the dance floor over her dancing with me (the best man, who was taking turns dancing with every woman in the family, from age 6 to 93). It's a long story, but they eventually left. One on the charter bus to the hotel, the other in the back of a car with lights." pics-or-didnt-happen

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"The groom's cousin was around 16-17. He was an usher in the wedding, no one even knew if he would be there because he was in jail. He was always in trouble for different things. Wedding goes completely perfect. We're all enjoying ourselves at the reception until people start running outside. The groom is doing cpr on his cousin. He's blue and completely unresponsive laying on the ground. We call 911 and they take him to the hospital. He overdosed on heroin. He ended up coming back to later and being okay, but he shut down the reception 3 hours early and everyone went home." - korinakorina_

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"At my aunt's wedding reception a fight broke out and the venue was immediately cleared, both due to families quickly taking their kids away and due to the drunk guests wanting to punch on. The funny part was that it all happened so fast that one of my uncles went to the bathroom while the party was in full swing and emerged a few minutes later to a totally empty room." valiantfreak

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"My dad got remarried when I was about to turn four. (He became a widower shortly after I was born.) My godmother who helped raise me had to leave early so I spent almost all of the reception sobbing. I ruined every photo I was in (was the flower girl so that was most). Ended the night by telling my new step mom I would never love her as much as my dad. Turned out I was right, she was nuts, dad finally divorced her when I was 15." girlybandgeek

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"It happened before I was born, but my grandmother (father's mother) wore her wedding dress to my parents wedding. Definitely was not a good way to start her relationship with my mother." p_rogers

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"I used to work in an expensive hotel which was used as a wedding reception from time to time... They often would have a table for all the wedding presents where you could sign the guest book and leave a present. One family had a set of 3 or 4 matching wrapped presents sat on their table for the entire meal, speeches and dance... I offered to move them to the present table for them, they politely declined and said it was ok... Half way through the evening I see them pushing their thumbs through the wrapping.... They had wrapped wine boxes as presents and were drinking directly from them. Genius." oobermybeer

Read the conversation in full here.

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