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Couple behind 'limelight-stealing' wedding proposal speaks out

Written by Katie Byrne, published 28th may 2015

An image of a guest proposing to his partner in front of a pair of newlyweds has sparked debate...

The couple behind the wedding proposal that outraged the internet has spoken out. 

The image - showing a man proposing to his partner in front of a just-married bride and groom - was uploaded to Reddit earlier this week, and the shot has been viewed over one million times, sparking debate about the attention-grabbing antics in the process.

But now the newly-engaged couple have spoken out - and they say the bride and groom gave them their blessing.

The woman in the photo - identified only as Megan - has said the bride, her sister, had given Megan's partner her blessing before the proposal.


Speaking to the Daily News, Megan said: "My fiancé told her he didn't want to ruin their day and she insisted it would only make it better... The groom of the wedding actually held my engagement ring the entire trip. Everyone in the Reddit picture knew the proposal was going to happen except for me."

The picture was uploaded to Reddit under the headline 'Any bride's nightmare', and viewers commented in their thousands about the apparently limelight-grabbing antics.


“It was sad to see," Megan told the New York Daily Times. “I guess if I didn't know the whole story, then I would feel the same way as some of them; however, I wouldn't voice my opinion about it because it's none of my business... I just want everyone to know the story behind the picture."


On 28 May 2015, we wrote...

A photograph showing a wedding guest proposing to his partner in front of the bride and groom has gone viral.


The image - uploaded to Reddit this week by an unknown user who has since deleted their account - has been viewed over 1.3million times.

The unidentified newlyweds are shown smiling as the plucky guest pops the question to his girlfriend in front of their sweetheart table.


Response to the image has been mixed, with the internet divided as to whether or not the brave proposer is rude for stealing the limelight on the bride and groom's wedding day - or if he's simply embracing the romantic atmosphere of their celebration.

Comments on the image included: "Props to the bride and groom for holding their composure and not making it a worse scene than it already was" and "Just announce your pregnancy at their wedding. Fire with fire, yo".

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Image: Reddit

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