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Bridal shower DIY: diamond piñata

Written by Katie Byrne, published 19th dec 2016

This glitzy tutorial is perfect for a hen party - or for adding a touch of fun to your wedding reception!


You will need...


- Cardboard box

- Masking tape

- Ruler

- Pencil

- Scissors

- Cutter

- Craft glue

- Art paper for the template

- 3 rolls of gold aluminum foil

- Yarn or tape for hanging

- Optional: paint




#1 Get all the materials listed above ready. Once you have everything together, you can start!

#2 To create the piñata, you need different templates: a hexagon, a connecting piece and an isosceles triangle.In terms of dimensions: all sides of the hexagon are 17 cm long, the short side of the triangle is 20 cm long. The connecting piece is 17 cm long on the upper side, 20 cm on the lower side. The upper angles in the isosceles triangle are 70°.If you want your Piñata to be a different size, you can also use other measurements.

It is especially important that the individual parts fit together at the points where cuts are made.Transfer all the templates with a pencil to the cardboard box and cut them out with a cutter. The triangles and the connecting piece you need six of, the hexagon just one.

#3 Arrange all parts as in the picture above: the hexagon is in the center, and around it are the connecting piece and then the triangles. This creates a kind of star.

#4 Now you can stick the individual parts together with the help of masking tape. Leave a little air, so that you have a little clearance later.

#5 Then fold the tips of all 6 triangles toward the center to achieve a diamond shape. Once again, secure everything - except for the diamond tip - from the outside.

#6 Start decorating: first, with your template cut a hexagon from the golden craft paper. This sticks to the top of the piñata. Since the film can slip easily, you must press the edges firmly so they are securely in place.Optional: If you want to make sure that no cardboard shines through, or you want to give your piñata a different accent, you can paint your piñata with a matching color. Then cut out strips - about 6 cm wide - from the gold foil.

#7 Cut these gold strips as in the picture, so that a fringe garland is created.

#8 Attach the individual garlands to the diamond with glue. Work from bottom to top so that the individual layers overlap.

#9 To hang the piñata later, you will need an attachment. With a needle or scissors simply poke two small holes in the top.

#10 Open the piñata carefully from below. Thread the floss or tape through the two holes. Tie the knot. Now you can fill your piñata with sweets and hang it up! 
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