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7 mother-of-the-bride style questions, answered

Written by Katie Byrne, published 1st mar 2017

 The team at Snooty Frox answer your burning Mother of the Bride style questions!


I loathe the dress my mum has bought to wear on my wedding day - should I say anything or keep quiet? I'm terrified of hurting her feelings but can't understand why she chose it!

The most important thing is that your mum feels fab on the day. If this is the dress that makes her feel amazing then tread carefully when offering your thoughts. What is it about the dress you don’t like? If it is the fit then you could subtly suggest taking it to a seamstress to tweak where necessary. If it is the colour why not suggest a girls shopping day to jointly look at accessories to complement the dress. Often it is the accessories that make the look rather than the dress!

Does my mum's outfit have to coordinate with the dresses my bridesmaids and Maid of Honour are wearing?

That is completely up to you – if there is a colour code or theme then let your mum know before she starts shopping for her outfit. If there is a particular colour you want to steer her away from then chat to her before she starts shopping. Also, make sure you get her talking to the Mother of the Groom so they can co-ordinate too!

I'm 5ft9, size 14 and love my legs. Can you recommend any particular pieces I should look for when searching for an outfit for my daughter's wedding?

If your legs are your best asset I would opt for a knee length dress and some fabulous statement shoes. Why not look at the Olvi’s Lace collection? These handmade lace dresses which come in a choice of styles and lengths are incredibly flattering. Co-ordinate with Lisa Kay shoes in either a small or high heel and you will be picture perfect!

Olvi's Lace collection and Lisa Kay heels paired together make for a glamorous outfit for taller MOTBs

I’d love to wear something super-stylish to my son's wedding next spring. Are there any 2017 trends I should particularly keep my eyes peeled for?

Flared skirts are all over the catwalk – a trend which has transferred to mother of the bride styles. Playful yet polished – a full skirted dress can be extremely flattering and perfect for those of us who are pear shaped. Lemon is also big this season - why not consider this elegant navy and lemon dress and jacket from Condici?

Ian Stuart (left); Condici


What are the alternatives to the classic 'big' hat? I'd love to wear something a bit different on my head but traditional hats don't seem to suit me. Help!

There really are so many options when it comes to millinery. If you don’t like the idea of a big hat, you could opt for a small fascinator or mid -sized hatinator which gives you the perfect balance between a hat and a fascinator. We love this Estrella hatinator with feather and net detail by Sarah Crozier (below).


Etiquette wise, are there any colours or prints I should avoid as Mother of the Bride? For example, I know white is of course frowned upon. What about black or red - normally my two go-to colours! 

Colour choice very much depends on whether or not there is a theme to the wedding. You are correct in that it is probably best to avoid white however black and red can definitely be worn but I would use black as a support shade rather than the main. As a key member of the wedding party, you have first choice on colours and prints.

My top tip would be to visit a specialist occasion wear store to receive expert advice on styles, shades, accessorising and etiquette. The most important factor is to choose a colour and style that makes you feel absolutely fabulous!

The last time I willingly wore a dress was in 1983. Are there any chic trousers/jumpsuits/etc out there that are wedding-appropriate? My son is getting married in autumn 2017 and I'd appreciate your help

If you don’t want to wear a dress there are lots of other options out there. Something like this Lewis Henry three-piece (below) will certainly provide a glamorous alternative!


Snooty Frox, positioned in the UK's bridal captial, Harrogate, stocks mother of the bride labels including Ian Stuart, John Charles, Veni Infanto and many more. Find out more and browse here.

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