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Get the glow! Nutritionist Madeline Shaw shares her top tips for brides...

Written by Katie Byrne, published 20th dec 2016

From go-to recipes to how to get a good night's sleep and improving digestion in a flash - check out these pearls of wellness wisdom!


Hello, Madeleine! To kick things off: you're big on mindfulness. Explain the concept to us - and why do you think it's so important for 21st century brides?

I think it's important as our lives can feel very overwhelming. We spend hours looking at our phones and comparing ourselves to others. I think meditation and mindfulness can help calm brides and make them feel more centred and confident on their wedding day.


What are your three key pieces of advice for a bride-to-be who wants to improve her diet?

1. Start early - there's nothing worse than having a last minute stress and crash dieting a week before your big day.

2. Start by eating wholesome, nutritious foods. Cram your plate full of goodness like veggies and grass-fed meat.

3. Ditch sugary unhealthy drinks and replace with lots of water, herbal teas and fruit/veg infused water.


What are your go-to breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes?

1. Breakfast - Overnight Carrot Bircher. It's quick to make and you can prep it the night before.

2. Life-changing tomato soup - again very quick to make and it's great in big batches!

3. Chickpea curry - it's light, warming and hits the spot. 

All three recipes are available from my Glow Guides App if you want to try them out for yourself!

Images: Instagram/Madeleine Shaw


What would you advice be to avoid a wedding day spot break-out?

Make sure you drink lots of water before your big day and avoid foods that you know give you a break outs like sugary foods and dairy. If you do get a break out eat lots of zinc rich food like pumpkin seeds, shellfish, flaxseeds, kidney beans and spinach.


Which five ingredients should every bride have in her cupboard?

Kiwi fruit, coconut oil, salmon, nuts and spinach!

Madeleine Shaw nutrition advice for brides 

Three tips for improving digestion today - go!

1. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to hot water every morning to kick start your digestion

2. Eat foods that are high in fibre like dried fruit, beans and pulses, nuts and seeds. I also love Mangos to get in some extra fibre!

3. Take digestive enzymes every day - they're full of good bacteria that can help break down food in the gut.


Tell us about your books and app. What was the inspiration, what makes them stand out on the shelf/app store and why should brides get involved?

My Glow Guides App is perfect pre-wedding as the 8-week program is super holistic. It divides the information into move, munch and meditate so you will be learning how to nourish your body and give yourself glowing skin for your Wedding, tone your body and calm your mind.

Madeleine Shaw nutrition tips


Have you always been interested in nutrition/wellbeing? If so, why - and if not, what was your turning point?

I've always been into cooking, but I became interested in nutrition when I moved to Australia when I was 18. I used to have a terrible diet of rice cakes and diet coke because I believed that this is what was healthy. I developed terrible IBS and was bloated all the time.

I decided it was time to do something about it - I fell in love with the healthy, Australian way of life and began working in an organic cafe. Here I learnt how to properly prepare and cook food, learnt about food and how it could nourish your body. After a short time, my bloating went down, I had tonnes of energy, and my skin had this gorgeous glow about it.

Want to get the glow? Visit Madeleine's website for more tips, ideas and recipe inspiration; download her app here.

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