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3 winter wedding style tips every guest needs to see

3 winter wedding style tips every guest needs to see

Written by Katie Byrne - WEDDING PROMOTION

Cosy has never been more chic - here's how to look fabulous at a winter wedding!


Unlike summer weddings where pretty pastels, strappy sandals and feminine florals rule, winter weddings are notoriously difficult to dress for — just how do you strike the balance between style and practicality?

Thankfully, if you are attending a winter wedding, House of Fraser is here to help you out. Here are their three rules for dressing for cold-weather nuptials.

Choose darker colours

As we’ve already mentioned, summer weddings call for a lighter colour palette. However, for pre-spring weddings, it’s a very different story.

Swap your pastel shades for richer jewel colours instead—emerald greens, ruby reds and rich navies are all great choices. Don’t be afraid to add some sparkle too. Sequins and embellished detailing were made for festive weddings — there are some perfect choices in House of Fraser’s Party Shop.

Oh and remember to stay away from white — that’s the bride’s territory! 

Keep warm

Experienced wedding guests will know just how long the photographer can take! A lengthy photoshoot is negligible in the summer, but come winter when the temperature is low, the last thing you want is to be stood outside for what seems like forever in a thin cocktail dress.

You may be going to a wedding but you can still wrap up warm. Yes, you’ll probably want to leave your parka and chunky snow boots at home (they don’t look great with a chic midi dress!), but with the right choice of accessories you can stay warm whilst looking good. Keep it chic with a cosy cape or faux fur jacket.

Consider your shoes

Tying in with warmth, you should also consider your shoes. Open-toe, barely-there sandals may look the part, but what if there’s frost or rain on their special day? It might not seem like much, but choosing close-toe shoes can make a big difference!

Avoiding velvet or suede footwear is wise, as these can stain easily in snowy or wet conditions. You might want to go for a mid-block heel or even flats if it is forecast for ice and snow. You don’t want to lose your footing in front of the entire wedding party, after all.