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4 wedding planning tasks to tick off your to-do list this week

Written by Katie Byrne, published 9th jan 2017

Whether you're newly-engaged or on the countdown to your wedding day - here's what we recommend focusing on over the week ahead!

To-do list: week beginning 9 January 2017

Hey there, brides-to-be! Whether you're newly engaged and dipping a toe in the world of wedding planning, or are on the final countdown to your wedding day, keeping on top of everything that might (or might not) need doing can be a little tricky. But we're here to help!

15 things to do to kickstart your wedding planning

As of January 2017, we'll be bringing you a weekly list of four admin tasks to tick off, or, alternatively, to add to your to-do list.

Some you might scoff at, some you might have already ticked off and some you might not have imagined would need doing. 

Whatever your planning situation: check back every Monday for a new list of tasks for the week ahead!

Newly-engaged? This week you should...

#1 Find a gift for your groom

It's not strictly traditional to buy an engagement gift for your partner - but it is a nice thing to do. 

#2 Ask your girls if they'll join you in your journey

AKA ask them if they'll be your bridesmaids! Whether you want to 'propose' with a cute gift or simply ask them face-to-face, now's the time to pop the question. 

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#3 If you haven't already - make a Pinterest board!

Although you've probably already got this covered, are we right? ;) Also, be sure to get involved with the #wedstagram world on Instagram for endless ideas for your dream big day.

#4 Watch your favourite wedding movie

Take a look at our list of wed-worthy classics here.

Counting down to your wedding day? This week you should...

#1 Try some calligraphy or brushlettering

It can make such a gorgeous addition to your wedding reception, whether it be something relatively simple like table numbers, or something more ambitious like your table plan (gulp).

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#2 Confirm your weather-related Plan B

Your venue will be able to help you with this: work out what you'll do if your dreamy outdoors reception is sabotaged dampened by a tropical-style downpour. 

#3 Create a run-through timetable for the day

For your own peace of mind, as much as anything; if you can see it all in front of you in black-and-white, you'll feel a lot calmer about the ensuing... pandemonium.

#4 Add the finishing touches to your favours

From cellophane wrapping to name tags, give yourself plenty of time to get this sorted.

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