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5 kinda-rude questions you might get asked once you're engaged

Written by Katie Byrne, published 2nd mar 2017

(And how to answer them whilst maintaining your bridal cool, natch.)

#1 How much is your engagement ring worth?

It's barely been on your finger five minutes - but we can almost certainly guarantee you'll be asked at least once how much your precious bridal bling cost.

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Whether or not you choose to divulge the answer (if you even know it; you might have not asked your fiancé, or he might have chosen not to tell you) is entirely up to you - but if you don't want to, tell your inquisitive companion you can't put a price tag on true love.

#2 So - you going to start hitting the gym then?

Huh? Whilst the tale-as-old-as-time cliché is that of the bride-to-be doing her utmost to lose weight ahead of her wedding day, desperate to fit into her dream slinky gown, the reality is that many brides don't feel the need to shed the pounds ahead of their big day. The perfect reply: "Why - are you offering to come with me?"


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#3 Can I bring a plus-one?

Wait a moment, never mind a plus-one - is this person even invited to the wedding themselves? It can be awkward if people automatically assume they're on the guest-list, so be honest from the off: if you don't have the space or the budget, explain that you're having to keep your guest-list quite tight and most likely won't be able to invite everyone you might want to. 

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#4 Can I be a bridesmaid?

Now's not the time to awkwardly laugh and mutter 'maybe...'. If you've already picked your bridesmaids, say so; if you haven't, be honest and say you're not sure who you're asking just yet. Easy.

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#5 Are your parents going to pay for anything?

Ugh - nosy much. Chances are you probably haven't even had this conversation with your mum and dad - so having it with Nosy Parker X isn't top of your post-engagement to-do list. Just saying!


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