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5 ways to make planning your week-day wedding a total breeze

Written by Katie Byrne, published 23rd jan 2017

Saturday is traditionally the most popular day for a wedding - but why not consider something a little different?

It's official: week-day weddings are on the rise. And are we surprised? No, not really - who says your 'I do' moment has to be limited to a Saturday?

However, that's not to say a Monday to Friday wedding isn't without its logistic differences to a weekend celebration - or its challenges. However, keep things oh-so simple by planning ahead, being organised and creating a celebration your guests will want to book time off work for with these simple tips...

#1 Give your guests plenty of notice

One worry a week-day couple might have about their nuptials is that, well, people might not be able to come. Tackle this by giving your guests plenty of notice so they can guarantee they can book the time off work and, if necessary, organise childcare and/or accommodation without having to pay last-minute prices.

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#2 Make the most of discounts

By which we mean, at the very least, ask if there are any available! Some wedding suppliers might be a little quieter during the week, so might be able to offer you a reduced rate instead of their normal premium Saturday fees. Equally, they might not offer any kind of reduction at all - but if you don't ask, you certainly don't get. 

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#3 Throw a fabulous evening reception

For your guests who have to work during the day but are able to make it to the reception, plan something extra-special. You might want to delay the wedding breakfast so more of your nearest and dearest are able to join you; or alternatively, serve up an amazing array of canapés and bite-size 'posh nosh' (think miniature gourmet burgers, dinky portions of fish-n-chips and so on) and for a truly delectable evening buffet.

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Think bigger and better than a 'normal' wedding when it comes to the evening part of your celebration (this doesn't necessarily have to equate expense - but a dash of creativity and imagination will be useful!) and be considerate of timings; guests who are dashing to be with you after work might not be able to get there until, say, 7pm (thanks, rush hour traffic), so opening the buffet at 5.30pm might leave them feeling a little hungry...

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#4 Consider turning it into a two-day celebration

Planning a Friday wedding? If your budget (and venue) permits, you might want to stretch your ceremony from a one-day party to a two, or even three, day extravaganza! Multiple-day wedding parties are all the rage right now, FYI; see more 2017 trends for your celebration here.

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#5 Acknowledge the effort your guests have made...

...To spend your day with you. Whether they've booked time off work or travelled a long-distance to spend the celebration, don't over-look the fact that they've probably made a small sacrifice or two to be there. Leave thoughtful notes on the chairs at your ceremony, gift them favours they'll adore and make sure you throw a party they'll never be able to forget! 

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And one extra thing to remember

If you're throwing your wedding on a Monday, Tuesday or even Wednesday, don't be surprised if your guests don't want to stay crazy-late. That image you had of people still being on the dancefloor at 3am? Most likely not gonna happen on a school night when everyone's got work the next day. If throwing an incredible party is important to you, opt for a Thursday or (preferably) Friday instead, when guests will have the weekend to recover.

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