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The 10-step guide to choosing your wedding flowers

The 10-step guide to choosing your wedding flowers

Written by Katie Byrne

The experts at Interflora share their fool-proof guide to picking the perfect blooms for your celebration


Beautiful wedding flowers are not only a must-have accessory for taking those memorable steps down the aisle but they can also transform any venue into a stunning location.

Here, our friends at Interflora share their thoughts on what to consider when choosing flowers for the big day.

#1 Think of a theme

Whether it is colour or trend orientated, choosing a theme can bring all the elements of the day together. Make sure you work with your florist to ensure your flowers are in-keeping in both style and colour.

how to choose your wedding flowers

#2 Match flowers and fashion

Research bouquet styles before visiting the florist and always consider bridal wear. Elegant shower bouquets suit long flowing dresses while smaller tight bouquets suit shorter and column dresses.

the 10-step guide to choosing your wedding flowers

#3 Consider your venue

From beautiful table decorations to archways brimming with flowers, there are a whole host of ways to decorate your venue. Give your florist as much information as possible about your venue so they can ensure the arrangements fit with the space and style.

#4 Choose colours carefully

While summer traditionally favours pastel hues of blues and pinks and winter sees hints of red come into play, don’t let this restrict you. Remember that flowers don’t come in an exact match so consider tints, tones and shades around your central colour.

interflora wedding flower tips

#5 Look for seasonal blooms

Be aware of seasonal availability when choosing flowers as this will affect accessibility and ultimately costs. If you have your heart set on a certain look, your florist will be able to suggest blooms that are available.

The 10-step guide to choosing your wedding flowers

#6 Think outside the box

Flowers may not always be the best option – maybe the wedding party suffers from allergies or there are other considerations. In these cases, look at using foliage or succulents which can be equally as stunning in floral design.

wedding flower tips

#7 Be a social butterfly

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are the ideal platforms for brides to gain inspiration and find out the latest floral trends for their big day. Create mood boards and share your favourite images with your florist as it will help them create pieces that meet your brief. 

#8 …But be realistic

Social media can provide so many amazing ideas but it is important to not get carried away. Always consider the venue, outfits, themes and budget when looking for ideas and allow your florist to guide you towards what is achievable.

Interflora wedding flower tips

#9 Talk about money

On average, wedding flowers cost couples more than £600. Talk to your florist about your budget and they will be able to advise on the best way to achieve your goals without breaking the bank.

#10 Choose a fantastic florist

It is important that you find a florist that you can work with and that understands your requirements. Ask the florist if they have a portfolio of previous work and get recommendations from family and friends who have had positive experiences.

For wedding ideas and inspiration and to search for the expert Interflora florist closest to your home or venue visit 

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