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What to eat (and how to sleep!) the night before your wedding

Written by Katie Byrne, published 31st jan 2017

Nutrition guru Madeleine Shaw shares her tips for the perfect build-up to your wedding day

The night before your wedding is so important; it's a vital time to mentally (and physically) prepare for the day ahead, as well as a much-needed chance to relax before a whirlwind 24 hours.

We talked to nutrition guru Madeleine Shaw to get her tips and advice for the perfect food, drink and relaxation techniques to enlist the night before your big day...

Madeleine Shaw shares her top nutrition tips

Hello, Madeleine! What's the perfect food and drink for a bride to tuck into the night before her wedding?

The night before the wedding, make sure you cram in lots of veggies and a good source of protein like Omega-3 rich fish. Nerves on the big day can make it difficult to eat, and you'll be very busy so make sure you have a substantial dinner the night before! Follow this up with a soothing tea like ginger or peppermint which are both soothing on the stomach. Chamomile is my favourite to calm nerves.

Is there anything she should avoid - and anything she should try to add in especially?

Plenty of water! Dehydration can make you feel sluggish, so sipping on plenty of water leading up to, and on the big day will give you energy and make your skin glow!

How about relaxation/mindfulness: what are the best ways for a bride to get her chill on the night before her wedding?

Meditation is definitely the way forward. I was a bit of a sceptic when I first began meditating but it is really relaxing and helps you to focus on yourself for a few minutes. There are weekly meditations in my Glow Guides app which will help you get your glow on and feel relaxed, with the overall aim of help you feeling confident and happy on your big day!

Do you have any advice for a great night's sleep?

I absolutely love doing a yoga session before bed time. In my Glow Guides app (link below) there's a stretchy Sunday Yin Yoga session which is so amazing before bed. It will stretch out your muscles and make you feel ready for sleep!

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What's the perfect wedding morning breakfast for a bride or groom?

Avocado, eggs and salmon for sure. There's a good mix of Omega-3 fatty acids for glowing skin, protein and fibre in the avocado! Take a smoothie with protein powder on the go - it's easy to digest and not too bloating.

And is there anything that should be avoided?

Anything that you feel makes you bloated, such as fizzy drinks. (Don't skip on the champagne, though!) 

What snacks would you advise a bride to graze on/have available throughout the morning?

Nuts, seeds or a banana! All three are easy to carry around with you and require minimal planning.

Want to get the glow? Visit Madeleine's website for more tips, ideas and recipe inspiration; download her app here. 

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