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19 hidden wedding costs every couple needs to be aware of

Written by Katie Byrne, published 2nd feb 2017

It's *way* too easy to forget to include room for these in your budget...

#1 Getting your engagement ring resized

Yes, the unexpected expenses start from literally the moment he proposes.

#2 A formal engagement announcement

For example, you might want to share your big news in a national newspaper.

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#3 An engagement photoshoot

Look for a photographer who will include an engagement shoot as part of a package along with your main wedding photography - some include it free of charge when you book, whilst others will offer it a significantly reduced fee.

#4 Postage for your stationery

Yep - this can sting. But at what price beautiful save-the-dates and invites...? (For a cheaper alternative, send out online save-the-dates.)

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#5 Proposing to your bridesmaids/ushers

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#6 Insurance

Touch wood you won't need it - but it's always better to be safe than sorry. 

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#7 Attending wedding fairs and trunk shows

Some are free entry, some aren't. 

#8 Trial-run beauty treatments

Even if they're spaced out in the run-up, the cost of spray tans, manicures and facials can quickly add up.

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#9 Accessories

From the obvious 'wedding' stuff - such as a veil, shoes, tie, cufflinks and so on - to the not so obvious, you'll need to factor these in to your expenses.

#10 Dress alterations

You've found your dream gown... Yay! But the spending doesn't stop there: chances are you'll need to fork out for alterations and fittings in order to guarantee it's perfect for the w-day.

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#11 Corkage

Venues will often allow you to supply your own wine or fizz for your toast, which could save you a bit of money. It's not surprising to be asked to pay a set amount for each bottle opened and poured by the staff though so make sure you ask if your venue does this before sending those corks flying! 


#12 Giving notice at your local register office

You'll both need to pay a fee when you attend the register office to give notice; visit for more information. 

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#13 Catering extras

Ugh - we all know that person who, despite no end of chasing, will refrain from giving you their RSVP at the very last minute. On the other end of the spectrum, don't forget those guests who might cancel their attendance on the morning of your wedding, leaving you with an empty seat you still need to pay for. Plus! Don't over-look providing food for your on-site suppliers (such as the photographer), too.

#14 Lighting

Depending on how much lighting is required to transform your venue from day-to-night, there might be an additional charge - alternatively, if your venue is unable to help you, you could need to turn to a prop-hire service.  

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#15 Wedding party gifts

These are easy to over-look - and the closer you leave it to your wedding day, the more likely you are to panic-buy and over-spend. 


#16 Videography

Yes, you obviously want a photographer; but do you want someone to film the day, too? The pros aren't cheap, so do your research and book in advance - it's all-too easy to overlook a videographer, so don't leave it until the last minute!

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#17 Overtime costs

If your party over-runs, your venue will almost certainly charge you more in order to counter staff having to stay longer; be sure to check with your venue what their policy for extensions are.


#18 Guest transport

If your ceremony and reception are taking place in different locations, you should have some contingency transport - whether it's a decorated Double-Decker bus or, more simply, a fleet of taxis - prepped and waiting. If logistics allow, you could ask drivers on your guest-list to help ferry non-driving guests from A to B, if they have space.

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#19 Your own transport!

If you're travelling to your venue from a distance, you'll need to factor in petrol, train fares or even flight costs. Plus, if you're staying over the night before, don't forget to include this in your calculations, too - and don't forget about you and your husband will get home from the venue, too!

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