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7 styles to consider for your wedding bouquet

7 styles to consider for your wedding bouquet

Written by Katie Byrne

We've tracked down the best ideas for your bouquet so you don't have to!



A floral pomander (as seen above) is also known as the kissing ball – often used as wedding décor, in recent years the pomander has become a popular option for brides or flowergirls to carry down the aisle. They can be decorated and adorned with just about anything; think pearls or Swarovski crystals for some added sparkle!


Wired bouquet

Well, if it’s good enough for Kate Middleton, it’s good enough for us! The Duchess opted for this style for her big day, with florist Shane Connolly using lily of the valley, sweet william, hyacinth, ivy and myrtle for the royal bouquet.

wired wedding bouquetImage: Rebecca Yale

The wired style has many similarities to the hand-tied design but is certainly more structured in its shape, usually a formal round design, making it ideal for traditional nuptials.


Trailing bouquet

The cascading style bouquet is definitely having a moment right now. Whimsical, romantic and full of movement, this design works for every kind of wedding – whether you’re having a traditional day in a manor house or a rustic celebration in a barn, the ‘waterfall’ look adds colour, texture and drama.

trailing wedding bouquetImage: Apryl Ann Photography. Design: The Wildflowers. Flowers by: Bows and Arrows

It’s little wonder that these voluminous arrangements are set to be massive throughout 2017.


Overarm bouquet

Also referred to as a ‘ballerina’ bouquet, this elegant style instantly gives a vintage twist.

overarm wedding bouquetImage: Julia And You Photography

Arm sheafs first became popular for brides in the early 1900s, reaching their peak in the decadent '20s. The most common blooms for these dramatic bouquets are calla lilies, tulips, roses and ivy.


Hand-tied bouquet

Arguably the most popular bouquet with brides, this traditional style is just classically beautiful. Elegant and stylish, there are several hand-tied varieties to choose from, ranging from a small posy, a natural or rounded design, or a ‘dome’ style.

hand-tied wedding bouquetImage: Binky Nixon Photography

Composite bouquet

Wow. An absolute work of art, a composite bouquet is made from hundreds of real flower petals wired together to create one large flower.

composite wedding bouquetImage: Larissa Cleveland Photography. Flowers by: Fleurs de France

Certainly more expensive than the more conventional bouquet, this showstopper is bound to get your guests talking and will look amazing in pictures.


Crescent bouquet

A more unusual style and not seen as often as some of the other designs, here the flowers arc outwards from both sides of the centre of the bouquet to create a balanced ‘crescent moon’ shape. The symmetrical semi-circle of blooms makes up an uber-feminine bouquet that resembles an upside-down letter U.  

crescent wedding bouquetImage: Cassidy Carson Photography. Flowers by: Kelly Lenard Flowers


Top image: Two Pair Photography

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