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9 things your wedding photographer wishes you knew

9 things your wedding photographer wishes you knew

Written by Katie Byrne

We asked photographers to share exactly what they want engaged couples to know...


Don't be afraid to delegate

"There's never enough time! You need to be organised. Delegate as much as possible. Your best man and maid of honour are part of a team of willing helpers." - John The Photographer

Get to know your photographer

"I class my couples as friends, I invest so much time into them to make sure their photos reflect their personalities. Make sure you get to know and trust your photographer and their style. The right person for you will make sure it's fun and not a chore having your photo taken lots on the day." Chloe Lee Photography

Having a camera doesn't make you a photographer

"I'm new to wedding photography, but a common thread seems to be the amount of work that goes into doing the photography; the day, the process, the after-work. I wish that people realised this as with the advent of accessible SLR cameras, it's now possible for 'anyone' to take photos. Nevermind how far mobile phone cameras have come! So couples question the price you charge, but don't realise it's not as easy as 'point and shoot' to create the magic in the images you see afterwards." Lemon Feather Photography

Work with your photographer on a plan for the big day

"The importance of planning the day with the photographer. Making an itinerary with the photographer makes the day far more stress-free." - Joel Smith Photography

Make sure nothing gets in the way of your photographer

"Some things conspire to prevent us from doing our jobs. Photo bombing relatives and their cameras/ipads, vicars or registrars who don’t want to play ball and the weather can all impact on our ability to get the job done. If it looks like rain you can decide to embrace it and get wet, or at least be bold and venture outside with an umbrella. You can have a chat with your vicar in advance to find out their stance on photography.

You can work through timings with your photographer, to make sure you allow plenty of time to create some magical shots. Your photography should be a collaboration and that means you need to do everything you can to help your photographer to get awesome shots, as well as investing time in the process." - Laura Babb

Always pick a professional

"Don't let your mate shoot the most important day of your life! Choose a professional whose style you love then let them capture the real memories of the day - avoid cheesy setups and keep it natural." - Frances Stephenson

Not every wedding photo has to feature smiles

"Regardless of how many weddings you take photos at, you never get used to seeing people smiling and having a great time. However, I wish that couples knew that the best wedding albums don't just include photos of people smiling! In reality, a wedding is a stressful, emotional and tiring event - all of which should be reflected in the photography. People underestimate the affect that photos can have on people, even if they're revisited years after they were taken. And for a couple to look back at their wedding photos and only see smiles, it could be a bit damaging as you might feel that your marriage has gradually become stale since your wedding! So I would say that including a full spectrum of emotions in the photography will help to keep the photos stay realistic and reflect the true atmosphere of a wedding." - Max Robinson, photographer for Scotland Shop

Know what you want before you book

"Collecting examples of images you like is a great way to get a feel for the overall style you like and doing so before you book your photographer will help you to work out what you’re looking for. Think of it as being like eating in a restaurant. You wouldn’t go to Marcus Waring restaurant and then ask for a Heston Blumenthal signature dish.  A good photographer will have their own, distinctive style and they will photograph your wedding in that way.

I am always happy to be flexible in my approach and I always tailor my approach to my clients and their weddings, so that their photography reflects them as a couple. What I won’t do is recreate other photographers’ shots or significantly change my style from wedding to wedding." - Laura Babb 

Timing is everything

"I wish couples knew how much time's required to get enough diversity for photos of them + to only focus on immediate family ones." - Hajley


Top image: Laura Babb 

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