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23 real brides share their wedding planning advice

23 real brides share their wedding planning advice

Written by Katie Byrne

These newlyweds share their pearls of big-day wisdom - covering everything from hiring suppliers to savouring the moment 


Research, research, research

"Do your research when it comes to hiring vendors – I spent a lot of time browsing UK wedding blogs, magazines and photographers’ websites to see their work. Hiring professionals that you trust will give you a sense of calm on the big day." - Rebecca

Follow your heart

"Go with what you truly want and don't stress out too much. All that matters is that you and your groom are tying the knot for a reason - so make your day one big party that's a celebration for all!" - Minnie

Image: En Route Photography

Get a schedule in place

"Write an itinerary of timings and jobs to give to the wedding party a couple of days before – not only will it streamline the day, it will put your mind at ease and help to minimise the possibility of any last-minute dramas!" - Felicity

It's all in the detail

"The little touches are so special and what makes your wedding unique, so focus on them. It’s also nice to get your bouquet frozen or dried professionally." - Anya

Maintain perspective 

"Try to not get stressed over the little things. Even though I was told this, I still did, and I do regret it. When the day arrives you forget everything and just have an amazing time." - Sam

Ask for assistance

"Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family and friends. They will be more than happy to help and it is a great way of taking some of the weight off of your shoulders." - Samantha

Photography: Lucy Davenport

It pays to go professional 

"Be sure to invest in a professional photographer and - if the budget allows - hire a wedding videographer. Your photos are so important, it's a great way to preserve memories of such a special day." - Crystal

Stay true to you 

"I think there is huge pressure to have something ‘different’ for your big day. Pinterest and wedding blogs are great, but can make you feel overwhelmed! Our day reflected all the things we love and we didn’t buy anything to dress the barn that we wouldn’t ant to keep or use again for parties. Choose what you love." - Rebecca

Ignore excess opinions 

"Be true to your style and your tastes. Feel confident in your theme as well. I had a lot of people suggesting I needed additional flowers, additional jewellery, more alcohol... the list was endless! It stressed me out initially, but then I stopped worrying about everyone else and really thought about how Luke and I wanted our day to go. It all worked out in the end!" - Tyger

Image: Heart and Colour

Stay on top of the £££

"Keep track of budgets and cut back on little things that really won’t make much difference to your day." - Amy

Prepare for the unexpected 

"Things happen the week of your wedding that you would never expect: random roadworks, luggage going missing, phones breaking, cars breaking... so get everything done at least two weeks before and just breathe!" - Bianca

Search on 

"Try to make as few compromises as possible. If you think something is out of your budget, keep searching! We made lots of clever purchases which saved us more than £5,000." - Lucy

Image: Tom Ravenshear

Invest in a bouquet stand-in 

"If you’re planning to do a bouquet toss, make sure you buy a separate, smaller posy – this way you won’t have to throw your own. When I threw my bouquet, one of my guests really wanted to catch it and made sure she did which really made me laugh!" - Becky

Little and often

"Plan the wedding little and often – this meant that we weren’t left with a colossal amount to do a few weeks before the wedding." - Lisa


"Make sure both you and your husband have two people with you – one to keep you calm and one to sort any last minute bits." - Gemma

Savour the moment

"The day itself is so overwhelming; try to sit back, relax and enjoy every minute." - Kerry

Do what you want 

"Remember that this is your day. You have to ultimately do whatever will make you happy." - Kaycee

Photography: Andi Freeman

Trust is important 

"Only work with suppliers you feel you can trust. Every single person who helped us pull off the wedding was someone I had built a strong relationship with and whose work I was impressed and inspired by and who I felt I could trust implicitly to pull off the day I had envisioned. I think it is so important to have a good working relationship with the people who are helping create your special day, as they will then understand exactly where you are coming from." - Lauren

YOMO (you only marry once)

"Don't let other people take over or insist on things. You will only do it once, so do it exactly how you envisioned." - Sarah

Hire a planner 

"Get a wedding planner! Having ours there on the day meant everything ran to time and we didn't have to think about anything other than enjoying our day. If you don't have a wedding planner at the venue, I'd definitely recommend finding a trusted friend or family member to be in charge on the day."- Victoria

Stamp out stress

"Don’t stress about all of the little things. This will be the best day of your life, with all the people you love in one place celebrating your love for each other." - Charlotte

Image:  Amy Faith Photography

Start early

"Do as much as you can early on - especially if you have children! And don't doubt your plans: we had a moment when we worried if the effort and expense was worth it but we are so glad we had the wedding of our dreams, rather than having a 'quiet one'." - Juliet

And finally...

"Follow your imagination, go your own way and enjoy every single moment!" - Francesca

Image: Giuseppe Marano

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