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12 expectation-vs-reality situations every bride will relate to

12 expectation-vs-reality situations every bride will relate to

Written by Katie Byrne

Because those wedding dreams can look very different to the finished thing...


#1 Saying 'yes' to your partner's marriage proposal

Expectation: It'll be just like in the movies - you'll cry (but still look gorgeous, obvs), whilst the dusky, fairy-lit setting will lend itself perfectly to some heavenly post-proposal selfies. A dove will probably fly past and a professional photographer will just happen to be walking past to capture the moment 

Reality: You sob uncontrollably, your face does 'that thing' and the ring is so big it falls off your finger and lands in a puddle. You try to take a photo on your phone but it's out of battery. 


#2 You announce your engagement on social media

Expectation: You share the perfect engagement ring selfie and watch as the 'likes' and comments roll in. Your public love you! You're going viral, baby!

Reality: You take 127 ring pics - and when you finally upload The One, you later notice you made a typo in your partner's name.  


#3 When you create your Pinterest account

Expectation: You'll set up an account, make a few moodboards and basically have your whole wedding planned by 4pm. This is so easy!

Reality: You spend a mind-bending three hours bouncing from idea to idea, theme to theme, and eventually log-off, feeling overwhelmed. You have to go to bed earlier than normal owing to the mild migrane its given you - but at least you found a cool hair idea to try for work tomorrow. 


#4 You consider when you want to get married

Expectation: "Weekend wedding in July, here we come! Yaaas."

Reality: "A Tuesday in November might be a bit more 'us' - and no, it's definitely not just because it's half the price." *is outraged*


#5 You start thinking about your wedding budget

Expectation: #YOMO! You only marry once, so might as well go big, no?

Reality: "Literally everything costs approximately five times more than we imagined it would. So that's nice."


#6 Drawing up your guest-list

Expectation: "It'll be so great to have all our friends and family under one roof!"

Reality: You and your partner spend hours pondering how, and why, you know so many people, and arguing over whose cousins/former colleagues/old uni friends/etc are more deserving of an invite to your 'intimate' celebration. 


#7 Waiting for your RSVPs to start flooding in

Expectation: Your letterbox will turn into that of the Dursley family when Harry Potter is bombarded with letters from Hogwarts.

Reality: A slow, relatively steady trickle that ultimately makes you doubt how well you actually know anyone.


#8 Shopping for your wedding dress

Expectation: "This dress looks incredible on the hanger - I can't wait to try it on."

Reality: Turns out you don't really like being maneuvered into tight, beaded chiffon - and you like it even less when your mum casually suggests you try on a 'bigger size'. 


#9 Choosing your wedding flowers

Expectation: Showing your florist your 'Flor-spiration' board on Pinterest and sitting back to let the magic happen.

Reality: "Ah, okay - I didn't realise peonies would be out-of-season then. Or that expensive..."


#10 Going on your hen party

Expectation: A wild weekend of cool cocktails, cute outfits and a glamorous, poolside location. #SquadGoals!

Reality: Your memories are hazy but you have a dim recollection of trying to first persuade, and then force the staff at McDonald's to make you a sausage-and-egg McMuffin at 2am because 'I'm getting married!'. 


#11 Writing your own wedding vows

Expectation: Tears. From. Everyone.

Reality: Why did you think this was a good idea again...? You wonder if anyone will realise you've been 'heavily influenced' by the variety of free templates you found on Google, and find yourself regretting the moment you ever suggested it. 


#12 Getting ready on your morning

Expectation: A chilled, totally relaxing morning spent with your favourite ladies as you prepare to marry your love. You will be at your most serene and beautiful, and will definitely not get a smear of make-up on your wedding dress.

Reality: You spend 25 minutes on the phone to your cake-maker, who is unable to find the 'entrance' to your venue, before finally sending one of your bridesmaids out to find them. You feel sick and almost trip over the hem of your gown. But at least you know your love will be waiting for you!  


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