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4 quirky wedding gift ideas no one else will have thought of

4 quirky wedding gift ideas no one else will have thought of

Written by Katie Byrne

When it comes to buying the perfect wedding gift, your best bet is to think outside the box.

The newlyweds are sure to be inundated with champagne and kitchenware. So, if you want to gift them something you can be sure no one else has thought of, take a look at these four quirky wedding present ideas for inspiration.

A reminder of their big day to take wherever they go

What better gift can you give a couple for their wedding than a reminder of their big day that will last the rest of their lives? These walnut jigsaw keyrings from Create Gift Love can be personalised with the date of the happy couple’s wedding day and a special message, making them an incredibly thoughtful gift that the newlyweds are sure to treasure for years. Of course, the two jigsaw pieces fit together, making this the perfect gift for a couple who appreciate sentimental touches.

Something to mark their travels together

If the happy couple love to travel, a Scratch Globe will make the perfect wedding gift. They can then scratch off each place they visit as a married couple — starting with the destination of their honeymoon, of course — and remember their travels for years to come.

Offer to be the chauffeur for their big day

The cost of a wedding can quickly add up, and hiring a flash car to take the happy couple to the venue and back can cost them hundreds. If you own a particularly nice car, a truly unique gift you can give the couple on their big day is to offer to be their chauffer for the day. This thoughtful gesture could save them hundreds of pounds that they can then put towards their honeymoon or setting up a home together.

Follow the tips in Autosessive’s helpful guide to detailing your car, which contains loads of tips and tricks that will help you get your motor looking fit for a bride and groom on their big day.

Get them started with their first garden together

If you’re buying for a couple who are moving in together after their big day and you they’re interested in taking up horticulture, you could help them get started on their new garden. Get their wedding date engraved on one of the personalised metal planters from and they’ll be reminded of their special day every time they soak up the sun in their new garden.

So, there you have it: four quirky gift ideas no one else will have thought to get the happy couple on their wedding day. While everyone else resorts to cash and gift cards, you can make their big day even more special by treating them to one of these thoughtful presents.