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17 easy-peasy ways to make your wedding planning less stressful

17 easy-peasy ways to make your wedding planning less stressful

Written by Katie Byrne

Because it doesn't need to be hard! Here's how to make organising your dream day a piece of (wedding) cake...


#1 Work out your budget ASAP

This will spare you falling in love with ideas that are out of your price range, or staying awake at night wondering if you can really afford that third vodka luge. (Or the second one, for that matter...)


#2 Also, work out which bits of the wedding are most important to you

This will be the elements of your day you want to spend more money on - so if the pictures are more important to you than flowers, reallocate money you might have spent on your blooms on booking a fabulous photographer.  

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#3 Once you have an idea of what you'd like, make a moodboard

This will spare you time spent agonising over the endless theme ideas you'll find on Pinterest or Instagram. Instead, browse real weddings and think about celebrations you've been to that you loved, work out which parts you'd like to include in your own day and take it from there.

#4 Set up a wedding-only email address

Great for brides and grooms who like to compartmentalise: if you don't want emails from suppliers to get missed among personal or work messages, a wedding-only address is the way to go. It also means both you and your partner can have easy access to correspondence. 

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#5 Book ceremony and reception spaces that are close together 

Or even better, in the same building! This will spare you the bother of having to organise transport to ferry your guests from A to B - and could also potentially lower the cost, too.


#6 Keep an open mind

You might have always imagined you'd tie the knot in a princess-style gown on a Saturday in June - but what if ballgowns don't suit you (despite the fact you've made yourself try on six-dozen...)? And what if a weekend wedding in the height of summer drastically increases the price tag for your celebration? Keeping an open mind will allow you to consider options you hadn't previously considered possible.

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#7 Avoid making rushed decisions

Unless you really love something, give yourself time to consider ideas before investing in them. Fighting impulse-buy urges can prove a lot more budget-friendly in the long-run - as hard as it can be! 

#8 Don't over-stretch yourself

If you're not a naturally crafty bride, your wedding is not the time to test your DIY prowess. Now's not the time to force yourself to suddenly develop new skills - pressure does not a happy bride make. 

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#9 Keep on top of the essentials with the help of a comprehensive to-do list

This one is genius.

#10 Meet your vendors in person

Not only is this a great way to work out if you have an appropriate level of chemistry with them, it's also a great chance to see/feel/taste examples of their work. Having confidence in the people you book to help you pull together your dream day will make you feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed about what lies ahead.

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#11 Use a Google Sheet to keep on top of guest informations

RSVPs, food intolerances, song requests... Plus, the dynamic format means you and your partner can both make updates without over-writing each other.  

#12 Use a code system that ties in with your Sheet

Tie this in with your table plan and escort cards for no-fuss seating.

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#13 If your budget allows it, consider booking a wedding planner

The organisation will be taken out of your hands, leaving you free to enjoy the build-up without having to worry about the nitty-gritty.

#14 On the day itself, leave the professionals to do their thing

Trying to micro-manage experts who do this literally every day will not turn out well and will most likely result in frustration from both parties. Instead, be crystal-clear in the run-up to the big day, booking in trial-runs/tastings/demos where you can and presenting swatches and moodboards to demonstrate exactly what you want. 

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#15 Don't lose sight of what they day itself is actually about

The celebration is about your marriage to the love of your life - not your on-point canapé selection skills. Chill. 

#16 Own the fact you can't control everything

Your organisation skills might be second to none - but there will always be factors you simply can't control. We're talking weather, roadworks, drunk relatives... With an event as huge as a wedding, there's always scope for something to go wrong. As soon as you acknowledge this fact, the easier you'll find it to plan your celebration without The Dread.


#17 Finally: make a 'what if' scenario list

If you're worried about things that could happen, tackle your fears by making a list of possible scenarios and how you'll deal with them. Then, hand it over to a trusted member of your bridal party so they know what to do in case of emergency. 

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