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19 genius wedding planning hacks every bride needs

19 genius wedding planning hacks every bride needs

Written by Katie Byrne

Pearls of wisdom for making the organisation of your big day that little bit simpler!


#1 It ain't what you know...

Fact: you've got talented friends and family. So why not ask said nearest and dearest to contribute their skills towards your wedding day, in lieu of gifts? So for example, your cousin who's an amazing singer could perform as you sign the wedding register; that colleague whose chocolate brownies are to die for could bake your wedding cake; your uncle whose a dab hand with woodwork could make some cute DIY-style signs to decorate your reception...

#2 Don't be too fussy about your wedding date

Getting married 'off-season' - for example, on a Friday in October rather than a Saturday in July - can shave a chunk off the cost of your wedding celebration. Just saying!

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#3 Veil weights are your friend

Wearing a spectacular veil on your wedding day? You're going to look incredible - and the last thing you want is a gust of wind blowing your statement accessory out of place. Invest in some veil weights - they'll keep your veil sitting pretty all day long. 

#4 Don't be afraid to repurpose parts of your day

So for example: the stunning floral decorations you picked for your ceremony? Ask your florist or ushers to help move it over to your reception, where it can be used again.

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#5 Remember to factor in 'hidden' costs

You might think you're good-to-go with your wedding budget - but we can guarantee you've overlooked at least one of these unexpected expenses.

#6 Set up a wedmin email address

For both you and your partner to use, this is a no-fuss way to keep all your correspondence with suppliers in one place, rather than spread across different email accounts.

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#7 Use Post-It notes to create your table plan

This will make moving people around so much easier.

#8 Two tricks for instantly-more-comfortable wedding shoes...

Gently rub the soles of your wedding heels with sandpaper to avoid slipping on wooden floors. To soften the leather - which will give you some relief from rubbing and blisters - slip the shoes on when you're at home and gently blast them with a warm hair dryer. Practice wearing them as often as you can in the run-up to your wedding.

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#9 And whilst we're on the subject of shoes...

Stop spiky heels from sinking into the mud at your venue by investing in a pair of cheap heel protectors. 

#10 Be savvy with numbers

For example: you won't need to order save-the-dates and invitations for every guest - rather, some will double-up. Equally, when it comes to your reception: if you can, opt for larger tables rather than small, as this will lower the cost of decorations. Easy!

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#11 Invest in a personalised stamp or printed stickers for your address

This will save your hand some serious ache - and will look fab on the back of your envelopes! Another cool idea? Ask guests to write their home addresses on envelopes when they sign your guest book, so you can be assured you're sending their thank-you cards to the right place!

#12 When it comes to opening your wedding gifts...

Make a note of who gave you what as you open each present - this will spare you the quandry of trying to remember who it was that gave you that, er, quirky colander.

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#13 For your hot summer wedding...

Hand your guests an Order of Service that doubles up as a fan, to keep 'em cool and comfortable during your ceremony.

#14 Worried about something going wrong?

Tackle your fears by making a list of everything that has potential for mishap - such as suppliers arriving late or guests who didn't RSVP showing up - and working out exactly how they can be dealt with on the day. Then, split the list between your bridesmaids and ushers so they're prepped to deal with anything that might (but hopefully won't!) happen, meaning you don't need to give it any further thought. 

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#15 Think ahead to the evening part of your reception

You're going to want to drink, you're going to want to eat and you're going to want to dance! Make sure what you're wearing allows you to do all three. If you're worried your wedding gown might start to feel tight, treat yourself to a second, looser frock for the night - likewise, make sure you have flat, comfortable shoes to-hand, too. 

#16 Arrange an impromptu visit to your wedding venue on a wet day

Might sound odd but stay with us - taking a look at your venue on a grey, miserable afternoon will allow you to visualise what could happen on your wedding day if the sunshine and blue sky you're hoping for doesn't appear. It's good to be prepared, and this will also allow you to invest in any cute, cheap decorations that will enhance a stormier setting. 

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#17 Chosen a strapless wedding dress? If you can, have your underwear sewn into your gown

Not only will you feel super-secure - you'll also be spared the worry of hitching your dress up on the dancefloor!

#18 Set up a wedding website and include details on your save-the-dates and invites

This is an easy-peasy way to share all the information about your big day, from menu options to gift-list picks, as well as timings of the day and details about the venue. Visit for deets on how to set yours up today!

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#19 And finally - if you're walking down the aisle with a flower girl or page boy...

Have a trial-run a day or two beforehand, if possible. Small children might find it difficult to stay focused on the walk, so perhaps ask their parents to crouch down at the top of the aisle to encourage them to walk towards them - and you might want to give them something to hold, such as a small floral arrangement or a decorative balloon, to keep them interested.

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