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8 things to do when you visit a wedding venue for the first time

8 things to do when you visit a wedding venue for the first time

Written by Katie Byrne

The experts at Country House Wedding Venues share their pointers for what to do when you make that all-important first visit...


So, you've got engaged, you've celebrated with your friends and family and flaunted your sparkling ring for the whole world to see! Now it's time to knuckle down and get started with that all-important wedding planning.

First off, you're going to need a wedding venue. There's plenty out there to choose from, and you are bound to build up a bit of a list of beautiful settings where you could see yourself tying the knot.

Now it's time to get out there and visit all those amazing places but before you head out the door, you're going to want to read these tips to ensure your venue visits are as productive as possible.

Do… Take directions

It might be obvious but it's best to know the way! Some of those secluded countryside venues might not be the easiest to find so check beforehand and get the sat nav out on the way.

Do… Remember contact details

If you do get lost and you've got no internet on your phone, make sure you have the venue's contact details so you can keep them informed of your whereabouts and ask them for help. That way you won't have wasted hours of your day driving in circles!

Do… Take a camera

You've probably got quite a few venue visits booked, and after a while they can start to all blend into one. Bring a camera or whip out your phone to snap each place and sort them all into folders so you know which is which. It will make it so much easier when you come to look through them all later!

Do… Write a list of questions

Organisation is seriously important. It might not be too much fun but choosing the right venue is a big decision and one that you want to get right. Bring along a list of questions so you remember to ask the venue when you visit.

Do… Remember a notepad

Common sense again, but if you're asking a bunch of questions, then you're going to need some way to keep track of all the answers. You can also write down the pros and cons of each venue as you walk around it too.

Do… Take your key dates

It's important to have some idea of what date you would like to get married on when you go on your venue visits even if it's way in the future. We suggest agreeing on a few to give you more chance of finding an availability. You'll be able to check availability and get an idea of the price of the venue, and if you fall head over heels for a place, you could even book it on the day!

Do… Make a checklist

It's easy to be drawn in by one beautiful part of a venue and forget about some of the other things that you want or need to make your wedding day a success. Make a little checklist and tick things off as you go, that way you can easily see if a venue is right for you or not.

Do… Remember your wellies

If you're seeing venues in the wetter months (as most of you will be), then you're not going to want a bit of mud from stopping you exploring everything on offer. A lot of places will have stunning outside space which you'll want to see, so pull on those wellies on and get stuck in!

And that's it! Everything you need to be fully prepared and super-efficient for your venue visits. Have fun finding your perfect wedding venue! 

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