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10 things to definitely NOT do on your wedding morning

10 things to definitely NOT do on your wedding morning

Written by Katie Byrne

The big day is here! So here are the things to perhaps avoid in the hours before you say 'I do'...


Watch the clock

After all - a watched kettle never boils! Anxiously willing away time won’t make the build-up to your celebration any more pleasurable. Instead, come up with a wedding morning itinerary that will relax you and which you know you'll enjoy - factor in enough time for a relaxing bath, some pampering with your make-up artist, a quiet moment or two with your parents, a glass of champers with your bridesmaids… And don't forget to message your partner, too!

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Worry about the weather

We hate to break it to you but no matter how hard you cross your fingers or, er, sun dance, you can’t control the sky. You just can’t. We’re sorry. We tried too.

Smoke in your wedding dress

Because eau de nicotine is not a bridal fragrance you want to walk down the aisle in - plus, if your pre-wedding nerves make your hands quiver, you'll run the risk of dropping ash (or worse, the whole cigarette) on your gown.

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Stress about your suppliers

Will they turn up on time? Will they deliver what you asked for? What if something - anything - goes wrong? Your wedding day is definitely not the time to start pondering these questions. Instead, come up with contingency plans in-advance and hand them over to your bridal party (along with phone numbers for the relevant vendors) so you don’t need to give it another moment’s thought.

Try out a new beauty product

Your bridesmaid swears by it for a pearly, angelic glow and you’re definitely intrigued - but put that intriguing new highlighter down! If you’ve never used a product (or brand) before, avoid making your wedding day your first foray - it's not worth the risk. An allergic reaction is not an accessory you'll want to rock as you walk down the aisle.

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Decide you need a last-minute tan

Unless you have a serious faux-glow expert in your bridal party, of course. If you haven’t already fake-tanned in the run-up to your celebration, your wedding morning is not the time to fire up the mitt and get slapping on the tan, for endless, endless reasons.


Forget to eat

Your appetite might well be the last thing on your mind if you’re feeling nervous but make sure you force yourself to eat and drink. A lack of food and water can result in you feeling nauseous, light-headed, irritable… 

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Stock up on caffeine

Today’s not the day to neck three energy drinks to ‘get you through’ - likewise, jitter-settling medicines are to be steered clear of unless a) you’ve used them before and b) you know they work without negative side-effects.


...Or stock up on bubbles

A glass of champagne is all well and good, of course - but downing  the bottle as it’s your ‘last morning of freedom’ will only result in #BadThings. Avoid staggering down the aisle towards your partner or succumbing to a 3pm hangover by drinking lots of water and appropriately lining your stomach.

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Try to control everything

You should be having the best day ever - not fretting about what time the band is going to start, or chasing the kitchen for the gluten-friendly dessert option for your niece. Give up and hand over the reigns of control to a trusted member of your bridal party.

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