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6 things to do (and not do...) with your wedding gift list

6 things to do (and not do...) with your wedding gift list

Written by Katie Byrne - WEDDING PROMOTION

Essential reading, brides and grooms! The team at award-winning gift list company Prezola share their advice for putting together the perfect edit of present ideas...


#1 DO think about what you actually want

Yes, it might sound like painfully basic advice - but when you're face-to-face with thousands of incredible products, it can be easy to lose sight of what you actually want, or like. Don't feel pressured into getting what you think you should have - guests will enjoy picking your gift even more if your list reflects your style.

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#2 And on that note: DO make sure you think about what you both want

Don't forget that your gift list should involve you and your partner. It's not just your personal shopping wish-list! Make sure your OH has a say in what items you request - and if they're not interested, at least you've given them the option to tell you they really don't want those cool marble salad tongs - let alone in three different colours... 

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#3 DON'T be shy to really go for it

In true British form, we feel a bit reserved when asking for gifts or money. However: your guests will most likely buy you a wedding gift whether you specify what you want or not - so you might as well ask for something you actually want or have a need for, no? If the thought of asking for a donation towards your honeymoon makes you feel awkward, swerve asking for actual cash in favour of an experience, such as a couple's spa treatment or a scuba-diving trip. 

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#4 DO give your guests a choice

Give guests a varied selection of items to choose from so they don't feel limited to what they can buy. You can always top-up your list with more items if it's running low, and remember: some guests may buy you more than one gift. 

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#5 DON'T find yourself stuck with extra fees you don't want

Weddings are expensive enough as it is, so you really don't want to also be paying for a gift list that takes commission on any cash you're given. No, thank you! Swerve the fees and go for a gift list like Prezola that has no commission, no ties and no third parties.

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#6 DO think about your guests

Remember that your guests' budgets will vary depending on who they are. Parents and close family are more likely to spend more than distant cousins or work colleagues, so add items that vary in price. While your parents can treat you to a KitchenAid stand mixer or Sonos sound system, childhood friends can opt for a memorable photo frame or bottle of bubbly.

Find out more about Prezola, and set up your gift list today, by clicking here. 

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