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8 things to factor in extra-time for on your wedding day

8 things to factor in extra-time for on your wedding day

Written by Katie Byrne

It's going to go by in a whirlwind - so savour these special moments!


#1 Having a pre-wedding meal

Whether it's a brunch with your bridesmaids or a quick nibble on some toast, it's essential you eat something on your wedding morning. Don't forget to drink lots of water, too; you don't want to feel dehydrated and over-compensate with the champagne. (A glass of champagne: great. A bottle - not so much...)

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#2 Your bridal look

When it comes to the hair and make-up, you'll presumably have had a trial beforehand, so you'll have some kind of idea of how these will take. Always add on extra-time to account for any unexpected hiccups, such as a last-minute change of heart over the 'do you want.

Have a test-run of putting your wedding dress on, too - unless you've opted for a simple shift, it's harder than you might think! - and don't over-look the possibility of needing to trim loose threads, sourcing an emergency spare pair of tights and so on. 

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#3 The pre-wedding photos

Your photographer can capture some truly magical memories via the getting-ready shots taken before the wedding ceremony, so make sure you allow yourself enough time to be able to pose for the camera without feeling stressed.

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#4 Pre-wedding quiet time with your parents/siblings

This is such a lovely thing to make time for - savour it, and make sure you let your parents and siblings know in advance you want to do it!

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#5 Post-wedding quiet time with your partner

Over and over, our real-bride readers advise brides-to-be to make sure they steal away and enjoy some quiet time with their partner in the middle of the reception: this will give you both an opportunity to savour the magic amidst the marvellous madness that is your wedding day! 

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#6 Greeting everyone

If you aren't having a traditional receiving line, the wedding breakfast is a brilliant opportunity to say hello to your assembled guests - and don't forget to give yourself the chance to greet evening guests later on, too. 

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#7 Enjoying all the special details you've planned

From the photobooth to the signature cocktail and a piece of your cake - make sure you give yourself the chance to have fun!

#8 Tidying up after the reception

If your venue requires your space to be cleared up by a certain time, make sure you brief members of your bridal party in advance so they know you'll need their help with clearing up decorations, rescuing mementoes you want to take home and so on. 

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