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5 things every bridesmaid should do before she walks down the aisle

Written by Katie Byrne, published 10th may 2017

You're about to see your best friend get married - so here's what to do in the final moments beforehand!

#1 Have a quick hair/make-up/outfit check.

Check for smudges, labels or straps that have popped into view, floral hair accessories that have slipped out of place... A quick once-over in front of a mirror will help you feel confident when you walk down the aisle ahead of the bride.

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#2 Make sure your emergency tissue supply is concealed but accessible.

You might cry, the bride might cry, the flower girl might cry... In short, you will not regret having tissues to-hand. If you don't have a clutch bag on you, make sure you work out a place you can stash them.

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#3 Have a final check-in with the bride.

Now's the time to make sure she's okay: if she's nervous, encourage her to take deep, soothing breaths. Also, make sure she's had a sip of water and if possible, give her something sweet (such as a suckable sweet) to stop her feeling light-headed or dizzy.

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#4 Reiterate who will hold the bride's flowers. 

If you're Maid of Honour, it will probably be you, so you might need to hand your bag or own posy to another member of the bridal party. 

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#5 Make sure your mobile is on silent (or even better, switched off).

As much as you love your jaunty Marimba ring tone, the ceremony is really not the time you want to hear it. 

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