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15 fun + fabulous facts about wedding flowers

Written by Laura Atri, published 26th apr 2017

Get inspired with our rundown of origins, customs and magical meanings behind your big-day blooms

Supersized stems

The largest bouquet in the world measured an astonishing and recordbreaking 60ft and contained more than 28,000 flowers. We wonder if anyone ever attempted to walk down the aisle with it?

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Dress code

Most brides won’t throw their bouquets now (preserving your wedding flowers has never been so popular), but count your lucky stars, as before the days of throwing your bouquet, guests would tear at the bride’s dress for a souvenir piece to take home for good luck!

Funky fragrance

The ancient Greeks carried bouquets that consisted of a mixture of garlic and herbs or grains. The garlic was believed to ward off evil spirits and the herbs and grains were to ensure a fertile union.

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Fertile florals

If you and your new spouse are planning on starting a family asap, then be sure to include one of the most popular wedding blooms in your arrangements – the carnation, which is long associated with fertility.

Ancient romance

The ancient Greeks are credited with the first recorded use of wedding flowers, and often carried ivy at their weddings as a symbol of neverending love for their sweetheart.

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Sugar for your honey

It was believed in ancient Poland that sprinkling sugar on the bride’s bouquet kept her temper sweet... 

Brotherly love

If you’re having an Indian-themed wedding, ask the groom’s brother to sprinkle flower petals over your heads at the end of the ceremony as it’s said to protect your marriage from evil. 

This is what the flowers in your bouquet represent

Amore flowers!

According to Italian tradition, the front grill of an Italian wedding car is adorned with flowers to pave the road to a happy marriage.

Thai the knot

Getting married in Thailand? Then why not follow the national tradition of having the bride and groom’s mums walk to the altar and drape floral garlands (phuang malai) around both of your shoulders for good luck?

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Knight in floral armour 

Buttonholes and bouquets don’t only match because it looks good in the pictures – the habit originated in medieval times when a knight would wear his lady’s colours to display his everlasting love.

Bouquets for all

A Victorian bride would throw her bouquet to a friend to keep her safe (the bouquet was thought to  ward off evil spirits) and to offer her luck; this came to mean that the single woman who caught the bouquet would marry next.

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Walk of flowers

Make sure your flowergirl walks down the aisle ahead of you, scattering petals as she goes – the tradition is meant  to symbolise a happy path in married life. 

Reign of the roses 

Did you know that the oldest fossils of roses were discovered in Colorado  and go back as far as 35 million years? You also won’t be surprised  to learn that roses are currently the most popular wedding flower in the world!

Image: Photography: Sarah Kate; Planner: Emily Clarke Events; Florist: Branching out Events. 

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