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How gold-dipped roses can enhance your wedding reception

How gold-dipped roses can enhance your wedding reception

Written by Katie Byrne - WEDDING PROMOTION

Add some Beauty And The Beast inspired romance to your celebration with the help of Eternity Rose


Coming up with ideas for decorating your top table or cake display can prove to be a challenge. Finding something sophisticated and stylish and yet which fits into the theme of your event may seem easy, but can turn out to be a headache. Luckily, however, Eternity Rose have a solution that is sure to impress.

(And the beautiful idea is perfect for brides who are considering a Beauty And The Beast theme for their wedding day!)


Eternity Rose specialises in offering beautiful glazed, platinum, silver and gold-dipped natural roses that would make a stunning addition to your wedding. With an impressive array of styles and colours to choose from, there is sure to be a product in their range to perfectly complement or match the colour scheme of your big day. Nothing captures the essence of the romance of your wedding day quite as well as a beautiful rose, and with a precious metal-dipped flower you can not only enhance your décor but you get a gorgeous reminder of the day you said “I do” that will last for a lifetime.

A brand that prides itself on the high quality of its products, Eternity Rose uses only the best roses cultivated in its own nurseries. The process of applying the precious metals takes three months and each individual item is rigorously inspected for flaws so that you can be sure that the final result is guaranteed to be perfect in every way. As every flower is protected by a 90 day money back guarantee you can also rest assured that you are fully protected in the unlikely event that you are disappointed.

Every item in the Eternity Rose collection has been lovingly produced by hand by skilled craftsmen, and every single one is a completely unique work of art. It has taken nine years to perfect the technique of creating these stunning flowers, and the result is a product that is flawless and luxurious. The ideal wedding gift to act as a lasting memento of the special occasion, or an even better idea for stylish wedding displays, their gold or silver-dipped roses are sure to attract attention for all the right reasons.

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