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11 alternatives to the classic wedding guestbook

11 alternatives to the classic wedding guestbook

Written by Katie Byrne

Opt for something a little different in place of the traditional book with these fun ideas...


#1 Time to type

An old-fashioned typewriter makes an eye-catching prop as well as a quirky way for your loved ones to leave you a personal message. Ask your guests to type a note and then use them all, alongside your favourite photos, to fill up a wedding scrapbook as a memento of your big day.

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#2 Mirror, mirror

Why not leave a prominently-placed mirror or chalkboard for guests to draw or pen a short message on? Provide a box of brightly-coloured chalk or special marker pens and hopefully you’ll be able to hang the finished display in your home as a permanent reminder of your celebration.

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#3 Make a wish

If you’ve chosen a country garden venue for your reception, embrace the great outdoors and create a special area near a wall of wooden fence where guests can add to the look by writing their wedding wishes on pretty cards, pinning them to the display once finished. Style the area with fresh flowers, foliage and a few ‘wishes’ to start things off, then leave the cards, pens and maybe a framed sign explaining what to do. This alfresco setting would also make a pretty backdrop for your wedding photographs.

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#4 Picture perfect

A great way to remember your day with a smile is to capture your guests having fun. Hire a photobooth or ask your photographer to take snaps of guests using fun handmade props, such as cardboard lips, moustaches and bow ties (which you can simply make yourself with card and bamboo skewers). Add a collection of hats, faux fur coats and oversized sunglasses - scoured from local charity shops - to the prop box and then it’s up to your guests to get creative and pose up a storm!

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#5 On the case

To add a vintage feel to your big day, fill a retro suitcase with antique postcards, old photographs or blank seed packets for guests to write their messages on. Hang a clothes line sign on the inside so people know what’s expected of them.

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#6 You’ve been framed

If your friends and family are arty types, leave a selection of craft materials at each reception table and ask them to draw and decorate a picture of themselves at your big day. Frame the results and display them by hanging within a larger ornate frame for a quirky and personal wedding-day reminder.

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#7 Screen star

An ornate wrought-iron screen makes a striking styling prop for your florist to build a wow-factor display around. It’s also the perfect place for your guests to hang their wedding wishes from vintage-style luggage tags.

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#8 Animal attraction

If you have a favourite animal (you might even have themed your wedding around it, like this couple did), search online for a decoupage version. The cardboard animals make great guestbook options: give your animal a lick of paint, before arming guests with pens.

#9 The path ahead

Use quirky signing stones as a symbolic way to begin your journey down the long, happy road of married life - or, more simply, pick signing stones for their ‘something different’ appeal. Once your guests have signed them, you can varnish them and incorporate them into a decorative display in your home or garden.

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#10 In the swing of things

Keen gardeners? Invest in a beautiful piece of garden furniture - such as a swing for two, or a bench - that your guests can cover in messages. After the big day, get it varnished to protect it from the elements before installing it in your favourite spot outdoors. Lovely!

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#11 Game on

Buy a Jenga game and task your guests with signing the blocks to create a truly unique guestbook alternative. Glue signed pieces together for your very own sculpture - that won’t fall apart!

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