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11 tips for stress-free hen party planning

11 tips for stress-free hen party planning

Written by Katie Byrne

In charge of planning the hen party? Keep it simple with these pointers!

Talk to the bride about the basic details

We’re talking the what, the when, the who. Ask the bride to confirm the names she wants on the guest-list, and (try!) to get an idea of the kind of celebration she wants - or, perhaps more importantly, the kind of thing she doesn’t want.

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On that note: don’t lose sight of who the bride is

If she’s not a fan of drinking, don’t plan a booze-soaked weekend away; if she hates girly gatherings, steer clear of that cute afternoon tea package! Whatever you plan, make sure it’s representative of the bride and who she is.



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Give yourself plenty of time

Avoid putting-off the planning until a later date - get started now! The first step? Make a list of everything that needs to be done; this will act as a practical building block to begin the planning on.

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Similarly, give the hens plenty of time and notice, too

This will allow them to check calendars, sort out and transfer deposits and so on.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You don’t have to do it alone! Ask the other bridesmaids if they can help with the planning, and if you know anyone on the guest-list has a particular forte or skill, you have nothing to lose by asking them to get involved.



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Avoid going overboard with activities

As much as you might be tempted to pack in endless things to do - fight your urges! Not only will it cost more money to keep people endlessly entertained, having some ‘down’ time will give hens time to relax and chill out.

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Keep everyone in the loop

Whether you’ve set up a group message or are contacting people individually, make sure you keep everyone updated with the latest plans. If something changes, let them know; if there’s an exciting new addition to the itinerary, let them know!

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Think about the hen parties you’ve attended

What worked - and what didn’t? Were there any awkward moments you’d want to avoid? Any brilliant ideas you’d like to pinch?

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Prepare a few ice-breakers

These are a great way to get hens chatting and mingling - and essential if it’s a group where some have never met before!

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Don’t do anything for the sake of box-ticking

If there’s anything you feel you should do - such as booking a stripper, for example - but don’t really want to do, don’t. Discuss it with the other hens and see what they suggest. Avoid booking or planning anything simply because you feel you ought to, rather than because you think the bride will enjoy it!



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Remember to enjoy yourself!

After all that planning, make sure you let your hair down once the hen day/night/weekend arrives.

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