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The 9 things every brilliant bridesmaid does

The 9 things every brilliant bridesmaid does

Written by Katie Byrne

In their bid to find the UK's Best Bridesmaid, Red7 compiled the nine qualities every tip-top bridesmaid possesses - read on to find out more! 


1. Your BFF has just got engaged and it’s time to jump into action. Helping out in the planning stages was highlighted by a lot of the brides - they really appreciate the extra help to plan their celebrations! Going to dress fittings and trying menu plans will win you extra bridesmaid points. And what could be better than trying cake with the bride-to-be – it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it, right?

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2. Many of the nominations for Nation's Favourite Bridesmaid included stories about how much it means to the bride to have a shoulder to lean on. Listening to wedding worries is another area where the nominated bridesmaids excelled. As the wedding day approaches and the bride is sent blue napkins instead of white ones, there may be tears. Having a sympathetic friend to vent to is exactly what the bride needs!

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3. Celebrating the bride’s engagement is a huge deal and organising a memorable hen do can be a daunting task. Get it right though, and she’ll love you forever. Extra credit if you’re a Maid of Honour who took on double the stress and organised multiple hen parties!

4. The most surprising comment from some of the brides is that their chief bridesmaid found time for all their duties - while being pregnant! These superwomen sent invitations, made decorations and organised seating plans all while expecting a baby. We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

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5. When the wedding finally arrives, the best thing a bridesmaid can do is keep calm on the day. Sometimes things don’t run smoothly, so being prepared to tackle dress dramas and AWOL hairdressers with a level-head will serve you well. Also, bring a needle and white thread. Just in case!

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6. Being on hand with prosecco is another way you can keep everyone happy in those crucial getting ready stages. Brides can get very nervous before they say “I do” and feeding her prosecco is a popular way to settle those butterflies. Who could possibly say no to some fizzy Dutch courage?! 

7. If you can find the time on the morning of the wedding, adding the finishing touches to the reception will have the bride forever in your debt. Checking that the flower arrangements look perfect and there’s confetti on every table are little things that mean a lot.

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8. Once the party is in full swing and that prosecco disappears, nature will call. Holding the bride’s dress while she pops to the loo is an unspoken rule - she can’t hold all those layers of tulle and chiffon herself!

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9. Finally, and most importantly, the best way to be a great bridesmaid is to just be there. All a bride really wants is for her best friend to be right behind her as she walks down the aisle. Stand by her side as she gets married and you’ll make it that little bit more special.


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