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9 things a guest should (probably) never wear to a wedding

9 things a guest should (probably) never wear to a wedding

Written by Katie Byrne

With wedding season upon us - here's what to definitely NOT wear when attending a celebration this summer


#1 White

Wearing block-white to another woman's wedding is, arguably, one of the most controversial things a wedding guest could do. A white dress with a heavy pattern or embellishment could - potentially - be a different story. If you're not sure, perhaps run a potential option past the bride; that way, she can let you know whether or not she finds it offensive.

#2 Black

Unless it's a super-sophisticated monochrome-themed wedding, of course. In some cultures, it's even considered bad luck for a wedding guest to wear black. That said, it's an increasingly popular colour for bridesmaids to wear so - well. Verdict's kind of out on this one. 

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#3 Anything too, er, skimpy

Whilst that cute little dress with the cut-out sides and thigh-high slit is great for a Saturday night with the girls, it will probably raise an eyebrow or two at a straight-laced wedding reception. Determined to wear it? Wear something more formal for the ceremony and breakfast and slip into it in time for the dancefloor. 

#4 Underwear

As in, yes, obviously wear underwear - but just be conscious that other people might not necessarily want to see it. Whilst we have no doubts your lingerie is lovely, that's not to say everyone else wants to see it!

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#4 #Extra accessories

Yes: a wedding is the perfect opportunity to wear a gorgeous little something-something on your head - but stick to a hat or a fascinator and leave the twinkling headpiece to the bride, yes? See also: veils, bouquets and anything that boasts a 'wed-worthy train'.

#5 Denim

Okay, so the invite mentioned a 'casual' dresscode, but that doesn't mean your favourite jeans-and-tee combo are what's called for. 

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#7 Sportswear

Presumably you just wouldn't wear a tracksuit to a wedding but hey - you can never be too sure these days.

#8 Inappropriate footwear

Whilst those glittering high heels  might look fabulous, they'll definitely start to hurt after a while. If they absolutely make the outfit - sigh, the things we do for fashion - make sure you bright along a pair of flip-flops or sandals you can change into for the dancefloor. At the other end of the footwear spectrum sits the humble trainer: perfect for a dress-down day or a session down the gym, but less so well-suited for a wedding party. Just saying!

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#9 Anything that blatantly disregards an obvious dresscode

On the off-chance the wedding has a clearly-specified dresscode, try to give - at the very least - a subtle nod to it in your outfit, whether it be via an accessory, a make-up detail or a specific item of clothing. 

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