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7 wedding gift list ideas that will make your home feel bigger

7 wedding gift list ideas that will make your home feel bigger

Written by Katie Byrne - WEDDING PROMOTION

The team at award-winning wedding gift list service Prezola share their present-picks for smaller homes


#1 The KitchenAid Mini-Stand Mixer (left)

Kitchen a little strapped for space? We feel your storage pain - but happily, this pint-sized mixer will take up the teeniest, tiniest amount of your precious worktop space. A variety of attachments means it's got so many uses (from mincing meat to chopping veg) and we can't help that a forward-thinking William Shakespeare wrote the line 'And though she be but little, she is fierce' with this gadget in mind.

#2 The Miele Scout RXI Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (right)

Save space by trading in your clunky old hoover for this dinky design, which is perfectly compact and more than capable of cleaning your floors, including those tough-to-reach areas. The fact that it does all of this of its own accord - meaning you can sit on the sofa, sipping on a cup of coffee (or champagne) as you watch it go about its noble endeavour - is simply a very happy bonus.


#3 The Ali&Co Modern Rustic Shelf Unit (left)

Add a splash of NYC-converted-loft-apartment chic to your home with this: a sleek, chic way to display your most precious (and visually-pleasing) possessions.

#4 The Graham & Green Antique Brass Hanging Terrarium (right)

If your home lacks a garden, create your own! Not only are precious metal terrariums endlessly on-trend at the moment, they're also a fabulously simple way to transform a blank wall-ceiling area. Fill with plants (succulents or small cacti are the perfect addition) or, for some true flickering magic, use candle displays.


#5 The White Company Bathroom Caddy (left)

When it comes to keeping a bathroom (regardless of size) in order, it all comes down to one very important thing: storage! Enter this clever caddy, which is perfect for storing everything from towels to lotions. 

#6 The Joseph Joseph Nest Plus 9 Piece Food Prep Set (right)

Keep things neat and tidy (and gorgeously vibrant) by picking an item or three from Joseph Joseph for your gift list. We love this food-prep set, which will not only cheer up your kitchen but also makes preparing your favourite meals a rainbow-bright affair.


#7 The Julu Doris Laundry Ladder

This verstaile Laundry Ladder perfect for hanging wet washing on - and best of all, it can be folded neatly away when not in use. 

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