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One of Britain's longest-married couple reunited in time for 80th anniversary

Written by Katie Byrne, published 19th jun 2017

This is a truly wonderful story.

One of Britain's longest-married couples - who exchanged their wedding vows on 6 June 1937 - have been reunited so they can celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary.

Ken and Margaret Harris, 102 and 99 years old respectively, were terrified they would not only miss their anniversary, but that they might also never see each other again after Ken was taken to hospital with a broken hip.

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Throughout their eight-decade relationship, the couple have overcome many challenges and hurdles together - from Ken being deployed to Burma during the Second World War to Margaret being diagnosed with dementia and forced to move into a care home.

Mr Harris' broken hip was another hurdle for the couple to endure - and against all the odds, they did. After being discharged from hospital, Ken was given a room at Margaret's care home in the Brecon Beacons - meaning the pair were reunited in time for their incredible anniversary.

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The couple's daughter-in-law, Pat, told the BBC: "They hold hands every day now because of the memory of being seperated in the war. Ken went to war and Margaret stayed home working as a doctor’s secretary but he always had her photo in his wallet".

Pat continued: "When Ken went into hospital he didn’t think he would ever see her again. It is so fortunate that a room became available at Margaret’s nursing home. It has been a real battle trying to keep them together. Ken gave his life for his country and he deserves to be able to be with his wife. They are a very loving couple and we are so proud to have celebrated their 80th anniversary with them".

Talk about #Goals!

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