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9 ways to stay COOL in your wedding dress

9 ways to stay COOL in your wedding dress

Written by Katie Byrne

Feeling hot-hot-hot? Here's how to keep your bridal chill intact on your wedding day... 


#1 Drink a LOT of water

It sounds basic but staying sensibly hydrated will help keep you feeling cool. Make sure you drink plenty of water the day before your wedding, and on the day itself, have plenty of smaller, portable-friendly bottles dotted around. And it doesn't end there: make sure you have water available during your ceremony, during your wedding photos, during the wedding breakfast and definitely during the reception. If you find water hard to drink, opt for flavoured water or fruit squash to make it more guzzle-able.



#2 Wear a good-quality, long-lasting, scent-free deodorant

The great thing about an odour-free body spray or roll-on is that you can wear as much as you want without fear of a tell-tale scent. If you're trying something new, give it a trial-run in advance to make sure you're happy with it - oh, and remember to bring it with you for any bathroom touch-up sessions. 

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#3 Have a spritz bottle to hand (that can be stored in a fridge)

For those moments when a quick spritz of cool water can feel totally, utterly life-saving. Also! Storing your perfume in the fridge can also double-up as a refreshing way to keep yourself feeling, er, fragrant throughout the day.

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#4 Invest in anti-chafing products

...And thank us later, ladies.

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#5 Wear your hair UP

If you're worried humidity might turn your chic, sleek waves into a Monica-esque frizz-fest, wear your hair up! Remember to apply the sunscreen on your exposed neck and shoulders.



#6 Make sure your venue is air-conditioned in advance

If you're concerned about the temperature of your ceremony and reception venue(s), make sure they're adequately air-conditioned in advance. If you need to hire air-con units, do - your guests will thank you. 

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#7 Heat-proof your make-up 

Stop it from sliding off your face (the glamour!) by using a savvy combination of products to guarantee it stays in place all day long. Click here for our top tips!

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#8 Make sure you have the SPF on for your photos

If your formal wedding photos are being taken outdoors in the blazing sunshine, make sure you're covered in suncream. If you can, bring a parasol outside with you - it will make a pretty prop for your pictures, as well as keeping you cool in the in-between moments. 

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#9 Treat yourself to a bridal fan

Something that you can gently fan yourself with throughout the day, whilst looking bridal AF, of course. 

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