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27 brilliant ideas you're going to want to steal for your wedding

27 brilliant ideas you're going to want to steal for your wedding

Written by Katie Byrne

We guarantee you'll want to include one or two of these in your wedding day - thank us later!


#1 Capture the other first-look moment

Yes, the first-look between a bride and groom is incredibly romantic - but don't forget to have a first-look with your bridesmaids and/or parents, too!

Image: Jacob and Pauline Photography; see the rest of Sarah and Ashley's wedding here.


#2 Pick a quirky ring deliverer

For example, this couple opted to have their wedding rings (wings?) delivered by a trained barn owl.

Image: Calli B Photography; see the rest of Fallyn and Grant's wedding here


#3 Create a hashtag for your celebration

This will make keeping tracks of photos shared by your guests on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook a lot easier to keep on-top of. 

Image:  Sarah-Jane Ethan; see more of Sarah and Zack's wedding here.


#4 Include the younger members of your bridal party

Prepare for some serious 'aww'-ing...

Image sources: Etsy and Pinterest.


#5 Gift your parents personalised hankies

To tackle the inevitable tears, as well as give them a sweet, sentimental souvenir to keep long after your wedding day.

Image sources: mywedding and Etsy.


#6 Give it some sole

If you can bear the thought of your wedding shoes being written on, ask your wedding party to inscribe messages on the soles.

Images: Ericson-Wolfe Photography and Pinterest.


#7 Personalise your drinks

Gift guests the option to make their favourite drinks just how they like them with the assistance of a customisation bar at your reception. 

Images: M&J Photography and Pinterest.


#8 And on the subject of drinks...

Make sure they're easily accessible! 

Images: Dominique Bader and Miki Photography.


#9 Be season-considerate

Planning a hot summer wedding? Arm guests with parasols and sunglasses; planning a cooler autumn or winter celebration? Make sure there are cosy blankets and throws available! 

Images: Purple Pear Tree Photography and Real Simple Photography.


#10 Honour deceased loved ones

From photo displays to bouquet additions, there are plenty of ways to include friends and family who are no longer around: click here for some of our favourite ideas.

Image sources: Pinterest and Pinterest.


#11 Invest in a bridal piñata 

Because, you know, piñata.  

Images: The Knot and He and She Photo


#12 Plan some games for the reception

Especially if your venue boasts an outdoor area! 

Images: David Long Photography and Pinterest.


#13 Include your four-legged friends

Because duh. 

Images: To Live To Love Photography and Your Perfect Wedding Photographer.


#14 Fill your reception with photo displays

Of you and your partner, of your families, of your friends... Everyone!

Image sources: Something Turquoise and Pinterest.


#15 Have snacks available at all times

From post-ceremony nibbles to a full-on buffet, make sure your guests can graze whenever they want. 

Images: and Aaron Watson Photography


#16 Pick personalised chairbacks

Because if there's one day of your life you can do it, it's your wedding day. 

Image: En Route Photography; see the rest of Minnie and Paul's wedding here.


#17 Pick a bread bar!

The perfect reception choice for couples who are planning to have a cheese wedding cake rather than a traditional sweet option.

Image: O&C Photography; see the rest of Elizabeth and Daniel's wedding here.


#18 Spin the wheel!

This is a fun way to add some extra excitement to your venue, as well as help to break the ice between guests who don't know each other; whilst the big spinner (left) looks fantastic, the simpler option (right) is just as effective.

Image sources: Foto-29 and One Thousand Words Photography.


#19 Edible place settings/escort cards

Fun and foodie - what's not to adore?

Images sources: Pinterest and Deer Pearl Flowers.


#20 Pick a personalised cake-topper

Pick a topper for your wedding cake that's truly unique to you as a couple, whether it's a literal representation of you both, or a more subtle reference to an important aspect or element of your relationship.

Image: Emily Quinton; see the rest of Emma and Al's wedding here


#21 Do something fun for your guestbook

Want to avoid reading 100 variations of the 'good luck, it was a beautiful day!' message? Plan something a little more interactive for your guests to share with you, such as photos, drawings or advice. 

Image: Anneli Marinovich; see the rest of Sarah and James' wedding here.


#22 Use creative signs to set the tone

Not only are they useful for sign-posting key areas of your reception (duh), they're also a great way to inject a little extra fun into your celebration.

Image: Tatum Reid; as seen at Celia and Tom's wedding.


#23 Provide some entertainment your guests will actually want to engage with

We love that caricature idea, in particular.

Images: Pinterest.


#24 Keep things 24-carat with sparkling reception details

A pop of sequins here, a shimmer of glitter there... It all adds up, and will help to add some extra-glamour to your celebration. 

Image: M&J Photography; see the rest of Emma and Jordan's wedding here.


#25 Keep those dancing feet comfortable

Baskets of cheap flip-flops will be welcomed with open arms by guests with aching feet!

Image: Julia & You; see the rest of Lauren and James' wedding here.


#26 Throw the garter!

Yes, the bride throws her bouquet - but why doesn't the groom throw something, too? We love this idea: wrap the bride's garter round a football, which the groom can then throw into the crowd.

Image: Wes Roberts Photography


#27 Make a suitably fabulous exit

Whether it's by helicopter, in the back of a horse-drawn carriage, snuggled up on a motorbike... Cruise into married life exactly how you mean to go on, in style! 

Image: We are the Clarkes; see the rest of Hazel and Charles' wedding here.

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