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Something incredible happened on this woman's wedding day

Written by Katie Byrne, published 14th jul 2017

A woman from Alaska was given the ultimate wedding day surprise when the man who received her late son's heart appeared at the celebration.

Becky Turney had previously only emailed Jacob Kilby, who received the heart of Becky's late son, Triston, in a transplant back in 2015.

The pair had never met - until Becky's fiance, Kelly, decided to surprise his bride with something rather breathtaking on their wedding day.

Becky and Kelly tied the knot last week, with Becky deciding to reserve a seat at their ceremony in honour of her late son.

This bride was walked down the aisle by the man who received her father's heart

Kelly contacted Jacob to ask if he'd be a surprise guest - and a sixth groomsman - at the celebration, keeping the plan a secret from Becky.

Moments before the ceremony, Becky and Jacob had their first meeting - with the emotional bride over-the-moon to listen to Jacob's heart beat through a stethoscope.

Speaking to the Today show earlier this week, Becky said: "I lost my mind. I squealed like a little girl. I jumped up and down. It was incredible. I’ve never ever been surprised like that, like ever. I’m the girl who secretly unwraps all the Christmas presents under the tree and puts them back. So for him to pull this off was just incredible."

Video of emotional groom goes viral

The incredible moment was perfectly captured on camera by photographer Amber Lanphier of Love Adventured, with the series of images shared on her Facebook page - and racking up thousands of likes and shares.

"I knew about this surprise but nothing prepares you for the beauty of this moment," Amber captioned the images. "I met a man named Jacob Kilby yesterday who is alive because of a heart transplant received from this brides son, Triston. Her son couldn’t be here for the wedding day but Becky's groom Kelly Turney , surprised her by flying Jacob up to Alaska to stand in as a groomsmen, carrying Triston’s heart. Kelly stopped the ceremony to introduce Jacob to Becky for the first time. Everyone was so moved by this and I had to share this amazing story. I had the pleasure of hearing Jacob share his gratitude and plans for a heart healthy life to Triston’s sister before the ceremony. I am so blown away by his story and his amazing outlook on life. You couldn’t ask for a better recipient to receive such a gift."

What a stunning moment - and what a beautiful way to honour Triston, don't you think?

Image: Love Adventured


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