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15 things you'll know if you're engaged to a football fanatic

15 things you'll know if you're engaged to a football fanatic

Written by Katie Byrne

They showed an excessive amount of interest in the wedding date.

You thought 'aw' - before you realised it was because they wanted to check it wouldn't clash with an important match.

You've had The Conversation about getting married at their team's stadium.

Unfortunately, it turned out they didn't offer wedding packages. Shame, really. 

That one time they showed you something they'd found on Pinterest, it looked a little like this...

The stag do involved at least three football-related activities.

Also, a personalised football shirt featuring 'XX's stag' emblazoned on the back.  

Your stationery will all have a football theme. 



From the save-the-dates to the Orders of Service, there'll definitely be a back-of-the-net vibe going on.

Invites: WedFest

Some wedding ceremonies have poetic or literary readings; your Best Man is planning to read out an extract from Frank Lampard's autobiography.

There won't be a dry eye in the house.  

The one requirement your groom had of the venue was that a TV was available.

Hey - Match of the Day just isn't the same if it's watched on iPlayer.

The wedding vows make at least one reference to the off-side rule.

As well as something cute about how you'll never walk alone as long as you have each other.

Your groom will wear some kind of accessory that will offer a subtle nod to his team...

Socks or cufflinks are the easy options here, FYI. 

...And your wedding theme might have a subtle theme towards their team's colours.

We say 'subtle' - what we actually mean is 'glaringly obvious'.

And also their team's players.

Why, hello there, table names.


Also, your tableplan will resemble the classic childhood game of Subbuteo.

Sure, sure.

You threw your bouquet; your partner threw a football.

Quite a cute idea really, no? 

Your wedding hashtag offers a discrete nod towards the theme of the day.