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10 tips for beautiful EYES on your wedding day

10 tips for beautiful EYES on your wedding day

Written by Katie Byrne - WEDDING PROMOTION

Whether you wear glasses or contact lenses, Vision Direct is here to help, making sure your eyes are comfortable all-day (and night!) long


If you wear glasses or contact lenses and are wondering how to tailor them to your bridal style, we've partnered with Vision Direct to bring you some beautifully simple tips and pearls of wisdom for making sure your eyes feel comfortable all-day long - bridal tears aside, of course!

Cold water and ice will help reduce swelling and inflammation, and reduce puffiness around the eyes. Press an ice cube against your eyes for against 10 minutes. If it gets too cold, take a short break. Afterwards, pat your eyes dry with a towel. You can also use a frozen spoon to help reduce puffiness.

Light-eyed bride? If your eyes are blue and you want a natural look you might want to try gray or green. If you are after a dramatic look, then choose warm-toned contact lenses like light brown.

Dark-eyed bride? Try opaque-coloured tints. For a natural look try light honey brown or hazel coloured lenses. For a more dramatic look on dark eyes, try bright-coloured lenses.

Never worn contact lenses before? Vision Direct recommends trying them out before your wedding to give yourself a chance to get used to them - as well as make sure your eyes can handle them! Make sure you bring a few spare pairs with you on the wedding day, just in case your tears cause you to lose one. Disposable lenses are the best option for brides. 

As well as plenty of sleep, if you're a glasses-wearing bride savvy make-up application can make all the difference to your wedding photos. 

Pick eyeshadow in light, neutral shades - darker colours can make eyes appear tired (regardless of how much sleep you've had!). Use a shimmer in the middle of the lid and brow bone highlighter for maximum brightness. Pick colours that will enhance your eye colour; for example, golden browns and ambers will make blue eyes pop.

Use white eyeliner on your waterline to create the illusion of bigger eyes and use eyeliner in a shade lighter than your glasses so your eyes don’t get 'lost'. 

Finish off your bridal beauty look with a transparent setting powder - this will stop foundation from coming off onto your glasses!

London-based facialist Anastasia Achilleos suggests the following: "Give yourself an eye massage each night, use a small amount of cream on your fingers. Then, start at the inner corner of the lower lash area and massage into skin in a full circle around the eye’s orbital bone. Repeat this a few times until the cream has absorbed into your skin".

Worried about bloodshot eyes on your wedding day? One way to brighten red eyes - whether bloodshot from allergies or tears - is brightening eye drops. You can use drops before applying eye makeup or inserting your contact lenses. These drops will help to restore your eye’s natural brightness and will work quickly to instantly lubricate and brighten your eyes.

Visit today to find the perfect contact lenses or glasses for your wedding!

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